Collaboration at PUC

Community Partner

•Communicate with student and instructor as appropriate.
•Offer accessibility and respond to others in a timely manner.
•Provide orientation for student.
•Offer clear expectations to student and University.
•Provide appropriate resources for student and University.
•Follow ethical and professional guidelines.
•Connect student and instructor with community and assist with identifying needs.
•Serve as mentor.


•Facilitate and monitor match between student and community partner.
•Become central point of contact between all parties.
•Provide orientation to students, faculty, and community partners.
•Share expectations with student and community partner, i.e. deadlines, responsibilities.
•Clarify responsibilities, ethical guidelines, and professional expectations for all involved parties.
•Teach academic content in an applied, experiential and reflective manner.
•Determine scope of projects, requirements, and performance expectations.
•Evaluate learning outcomes and final products.


•Meet requirements of course.
•Communicate appropriately with community partner and instructor.
•Become familiar with business of the community partner.
•Respect community partner business practices and needs.
•Provide commitment and follow-through to community partner.
•Follow ethical and professional guidelines.

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