Benefits to the Community Partner

Purdue University Calumet’s Experiential Learning requirement brings new opportunities and benefits to all the partners involved in the success of this effort:  the University and its faculty, our students and their families, and our Community Partners.

By providing the students at Purdue University Calumet a quality learning experience, the Community Partner will benefit by receiving a source of educated and motivated pre-professionals. The Community Partner will also have the opportunity to serve as a mentor to the students at PUC by sharing skills and expertise.

With over 45 major areas of study, the Purdue University Calumet can help to design programs that fit the specific needs of the community partner.

“Partnerships with community agencies are formal, long-term relationships founded on collaboration and the clear articulation of needs, capacities, responsibilities, and expectations.  Regular communication and evaluation and equal say in the design and implementation of projects are its defining features.  Most campus directors agree that partnerships with community agencies are more valuable (and labor intensive) than simple placement arrangements.  Partnerships entail making a commitment to the agency, relinquishing control over aspects of the program, and accepting new responsibilities.”

Kopek, Tamar.  Rethinking Tradition:  Integrating Service with Academic Study on College
Campuses.  Campus
Compact.  Denver, CO:  Education Commission for States, 1993. p. 113.

Additional Benefits to the Community Partner