CPMI Advisory Board

CPMI Advisory Committee Members as of 10/21/14

Mr. Arkady Livitz
Arpac Group, Director of System Integration and FA

Mr. Paul Szalek
Arpac Group, Director of Manufacturing

Mr. Ed Barba
Triangle Package Machinery Company, Senior Electrical Engineer

Mr. Rob Kalany
Oystar  Jones & Company, Inc., Principle Engineer – Product Development and Applications

Mr. Eric Airgood
Oystar Jones & Company, Inc., Electrical Applications & Development Engineer

Mr. Gautam Agarwal
Wynright Corporation – A Daifuku Webb Co., Senior Electrical Engineer

Mr. Keith Harpenau
Rockwell Automation, OEM Technical Consultant

Mr. Tom Jensen
Lenze Americas, OEM Business Development

Mr. Arobindo Das
Mitsubishi Electric, Sr. Product Application Specialist

Mr. Aco Sikoski
Ivy Tech Community College, Northwest, Vice Chancellor / Dean

Ms. Valentina Petreska
Ivy Tech Community College, Northwest, Dept. Chair for Advanced Mfg. Program

Mr. Branislav Rosul
College of DuPage, Professor and Coordinator, Electronics Technology

Ms. Katherine A. Broadnax
Morton High School, Pre-Engineering (PLTW) Instructor

Todd Cannon
A Packaging Systems (APACKS), President

Patrick McDermott
B&R Industrial Automation Corp., Chicago Regional Manager

Mr. John Naunas
Shuttleworth, Director of Sales