Noise/Vibration Reduction of High Speed Conveyor Belts

This study deals with reducing noise levels in high speed conveyor systems of the slip-torque type. The conveyor system to be studied under this project is a 75cm wide, high speed conveyor system operating at speeds of 220 to 300 fpm. This conveyor system is used for material handling in a food packaging industry. To perform the studies a prototype system has been provided by Shuttleworth, Inc.

The major problem addressed in this project is the noise pollution associated with the operation of the system. The noise level reaches levels of 84 to 86 dB which is close to OSHA limits. This project is divided into two parts. The first area of focus is to identify the source of noise in this high-speed conveyor system followed by the second part which deals with finding the most efficient and optimum way of reducing the noise level.


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