Design of Experiments Testing & Analysis

Project Title:
Testing a prototype oven to optimize factors that affect heat transfer characteristics.

Sponsor name:

Project summary:
Heat tunnels are used in packaging industry to protect unit loads with films that are heat shrinkable. This process consumes energy to shrink the external packaging. However, the energy losses can be significant and several factors contribute to the heat losses. To design future generation energy efficient tunnels, it is important to understand the factors that contribute to the heat transfer (losses) and the contribution of each factor such as conveyor speed, entry and exit design, insulation thickness etc.

Project Goals and Objectives:

  1. Conduct baseline testing of the prototype oven provided. Develop the DOE experimental procedure to incorporate the input variables and level of testing.
  2. Perform DOE analysis of factors that affect the heat transfer.
  3. Analyze the data gathered using statistical tools.
  4. Provide a final report.

Project Duration:
12 weeks (starting August 2011)

Two student(s) mentored by Prof. Lash Mapa & Prof. Gokarna Aryal

General Student Requirements:

  • Student should be in a graduate program/or senior in Technology
  • Should have hands on experience to perform experiments  and have good organizational skills (able to keep organized lab note/records, able to follow organized test plans developed)

ARPAC to provide the prototype tunnel, product and training on operation of the equipment. Experiments performed at PUC.