ECET 462- Applications of computer in Process Control

Course description

A study of industrial process control systems. Study of continuous and discrete-state process control. Analyzing process characteristics and controller tuning. Closed loop control system characteristics. System stability, open loop and closed loop transient response. Single, multivariable and cascade control system. Supervisory, direct computer control, and distributed control system. Statistical process control (SPC). Introduction of computer aided control software and hardware applied for process control.

Note:  The course material shall also prepare an enrolled student for the Certified Control    System Technician (CCST) test offer by ISA.

Course objectives

After successfully completing this course, a student should be able to:

1. Understand discrete-state process control

2. Understand Control strategies: process characteristics, control modes, composite control modes

3. Understand Digital and analog controllers, computer in process control and control software

4. Analyze control loop characteristics: control system configuration, multivariable control system

5. Analyze stability of a control system

6. Perform process control loop tuning: feedback, feedforward and cascade control.

7. Apply computer based hardware and software tools for process control (NI’s LabVIEW Software Tools)

8. Apply statistical process control techniques for quality assurances (Statit Express QC)

9. Apply statistical process control techniques to determine process capability (Statit Express QC)