Personal Counseling

Through a confidential intake assessment and brief psychotherapy, a student is supported in identifying and addressing personal concerns that interfere with productive emotional functioning and academic success.

Crisis intervention is focused on helping distressed students return to effective use of coping skills to best manage intense, immediate stress that may have formulated in their daily routine and is causing major distraction to proper mental functioning.

Brief counseling in psychotherapy promotes student development and academic progress by broadening coping efforts, improving relationship functioning, and heightening self-understanding. Students may be referred to qualified professionals in the community for medication evaluation and long-term therapy.

In the client-counselor relationship, students share feelings, worries, perceptions, and experiences. Students are encouraged to discuss any problems that may interfere with attaining personal fulfillment or achieving academic success.

Areas to explore include:

  • family
  • marital/relationship problems
  • academic concerns
  • grief
  • incest/abuse
  • eating disorders
  • stress
  • loneliness
  • depression
  • drug or alcohol abuse
  • poor self-image