ULifeline is an anonymous, confidential, online resource center, where college students can be comfortable searching for the information they need and want regarding mental health and suicide prevention. ULifeline is available where college students seek information the most – at their fingertips on the Internet.

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ULifeline ImageULifeline Key Features

  • Self-e-Valuator

    Developed by Duke University Medical Center, the Self e-Valuator is a screening program designed to help students uncover whether they, or a friend, are at risk for depression, suicide, and several other disorders, including alcohol and drug dependence, eating disorders, generalized anxiety disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

  • Mental Health Reference Library

    The mental health reference library provides quality, user-friendly information that has been reviewed and approved by leading medical experts at Harvard Medical School.

  • Go Ask Alice!

    Produced by health educators at Columbia University, this in-depth health question-and-answer Internet site contains an archive of hundreds of responses to anonymously-posed inquiries from college students worldwide.

  • Concerned about a Friend

    This section, provided by the National Mental Health Association, describes the warning signs for depression and suicide, includes information regarding how to help a friend, and lists resources for additional assistance.

  • Drug Reference Database

    The drug reference database provides information about prescription medications, potential drug interactions, as well as common side effects.

ULifeline Resources Are:

  • Free for students
  • Personal and anonymous
  • Designed specifically for college students
  • Easily accessed 24-7
  • Visit Ulifeline www.ulifeline.org/puc