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Helping Emotionally-Distressed Students – Download

Find out how as a faculty or staff members how to respond to students in crises and how to suggest consulting the Counseling Center here on campus.

Helping students find their way Download

University students typically encounter a great deal of stress during the course of their educational experience.  While most students cope with successfully with the demands of college life, for some the pressures can become overwhelming and unmanageable.  All of us at some time in our lives may have hard days; feel sad, depressed, and/or upset.  However, significant distress experienced over a period of time may suggest a more serious problem.  This document provides quick resource reference to assist you in making referrals for students in crisis.

Student Assistance Guide Download

A helpful directory of agencies and businesses located in Northwest Indiana available to assist students with a variety of needs. NOTE: Many of the agencies in the Student Assistance Guide provide services at a reduced fee or no cost with a direct referral from the Counseling Center at Purdue University Calumet. Please use the guide as a reference and make an appointment with the Counseling Center to receive the most appropriate services.