Strategies for Success Orientation

To reach new participants so we can inform them about the benefits of involvement with Student Support Services

Current Purdue Calumet students (mainly freshmen and sophomores) who were admitted into Student Support Services for the new academic year.

Students will be better equipped to be active participants, knowledgeable about the University.

Communicate benefits of program participation to new program participants.

Tactics (Tools and Action):
Send invitations via email and snail mail.

Costs: US postal service, 1st class mail: @ $25.00; Cost of paper @ $10 Total $35.00



20/45 attendees each time the communication process is started.

Lessons Learned:
We use both methods of communication in order to reach the most students. We have discussed trying Facebook or Twitter in the future since PUC students often tune out mail of either sort from the University

Mary Ann Frenchik

Initial Budget $: @ $40