South Lake County Relay for Life

For Purdue Calumet to participate as a team in the South Lake County Relay for Life. This was a first time community service volunteered based group. It was our goal to obtain 50 team members and raise $5,000.

Purdue Calumet Faculty, students, staff & their families.

A worthwhile community service project. Money raised helps towards cancer research, community and personal support helps people affected by cancer, these events also build awareness, friendship, bonding, etc.

Inform the university about the events / ask for support and participation / underscore the help and fun that is possible from interaction.

Tactics (Tools and Action):
E-mail, Recruiting tables in the Clo & Sulb. Posters, Facebook, American Cancer Society Web Site

Costs: 0



The PUC team raised $9,700 and had 64 team members. PUC had the largest team at the South Lake County Relay for Life.

Lessons Learned:
The team should have been broken into smaller committees, each with an area of responsibility. Greater PUC support & involvement was hoped for. E-mail did not prove to be a very good communication tool.

Michelle Grant

Initial Budget $: 0