Relay for Life Fundraiser Dance

The PUC Relay for Life Team was fund raising to support the American Cancer Society as a community service project. Raise money and awareness for opportunities to support cancer research and support those affected by cancer.

Purdue Calumet Faculty, students, staff & their families.

Community Service Money raised helps towards cancer research, community and personal support helps people affected by cancer, these events also build awareness, friendship, bonding. For those involved it was a learning experience in teamwork and building collaboration across campus and Purdue Calumet had an opportunity to give of it’s many talents.

Inform the university about the events / ask for support and participation / underscore the help and fun that is possible from interaction.

Tactics (Tools and Action):
Email via Dist Open Forum, a campus distributed flyer and posters were posted around campus. A radio spot was showcased on WJOB. A facebook team page was developed and a team web site via the American Cancer Society was used. We heavily promoted a Purdue Calumet band, that was a draw for the campus community.

Costs: $700.00



130 people attended the dance and $3,700 was raised. An article about the dance and PUC’s efforts was run in the Post Tribune. The ACS praised our efforts and said it was one of the best organized fund raising events they had seen.

Lessons Learned:
Timing of the event was critical. We did not fully capture student participation due to the timing and the end of the semester. Also, the dance was June 5th, the date conflicted with many other events scheduled at this time of year: i.e. weddings, graduations, etc. We had hoped for a larger participation from the Purdue Calumet community. The dance was also scheduled very close to the Relay. The events should have been spaced out further.

Michelle Grant

Initial Budget $: 0