Martin Luther King week

Martin Luther King banner

To build awareness about the Martin Luther King Jr. event that is held on campus every year.

Students, Faculty, Staff, community partners

To build awareness

To keep marketing costs low, but still market the event well enough to boost number of attendees.

This year the unit hosting the even came to the Creative Services office in well-enough advance to generate marketing materials. By planning ahead, the campus unit benefited greatly because the marketing materials were doled out in a strategic and timely manner, which kept people interested all along until the event.

Tactics (Tools and Action):
Save the Date e-blast (saved money on printing by generating an email image sent all over campus to save the date)

  • Postcard
  • Program Cover
  • Banner
  • Buttons
  • T-shirts



We heard because of the strong graphic and timely nature of the event, the event had the best turnout ever.

Maybe it was the recent Presidential Election and the impact on US history, but this event and Barack Obama parallel made for a real impact.

Lessons Learned:
Timing is everything. If you plan in advance, you have a better chance of marketing an event with a stronger impact.

Also, keeping all materials in black and white saved printing costs. You don’t always have to print in full-color to make an impact. Plan strategically and thoughtfully and the project will have a better chance of being successful

Roy Hamilton

Initial Budget $: