American English Event

American English button

Build awareness of the university’s Chancellor’s Scholars event to raise money. This year’s performance is local area Beatles Tribute Band — American English.

Our regular pool of university donors and other community partners

remains to be seen — we’ll see what the turnout is.

Because the university is asking for gifts and the economy, the way it is, it was ideal to print all materials in b/w to save on printing costs and to illustrate that the university is taking measures to “save” money on marketing to solicit gifts rather than spend it on costly printed materials

Tactics (Tools and Action):
Save the Date cards
Tickets (numbered)
Solicitation Piece



when the image was placed on the website for the Save the Date, the google analytics data showed a heavy spike within the first 24 hours of it being online. The Beatles visual drew a lot of attention.

Also heard that the Save the Date card, because of its strong b/w image and the subject matter really drew attention to the event.

What’s interesting to note is the strictly b/w imagery was not only a powerful image, but it save the university (Advancement) money for marketing materials.

Lessons Learned:
sometimes less is more….
the b/w imagery went a long way and the awareness of the event is strong. The subject matter helped though too.

Judith Kaufman

Initial Budget $: