Relay for Life Fundraiser

Benefit for the American Cancer Society

Inform the campus community about the Turkey Creek fun event to support the American Cancer Society

Internal (people at campus) but also open to additional friends and family


  • The event gives proceeds to the Cure for Cancer
  • The event is planned to be fun for all those that come.

Use email to inform the campus community. Since this is a charitable event no additional funds are available for marketing

Tactics (Tools and Action):

Use $730 to Turkey Creek to cover the food cost.
People volunteered time / talent / travel and other gifts at no charge

See e-mail visual

6/5/09 Dance Fundraiser Results

$860.00 Pre-Dance Ticket Sales
$1,920 At Door Ticket Sales (total of 139 tickets sold)
$545 Gift Baskets
$135 Other Misc Money & Donations-Cans & Audience Tricks

$2,730 Net Dance Proceeds
Our current team total is $6,996 (our team goal was $5,000)

Lessons Learned:
Have additional strategies in place to reward those that brought in a friend or more. This could mean reduced ticket costs for three or four / or $18 pre-sell / $20 at door. This needs to be discussed.

Michelle Grant

Initial Budget $:
No budget available.