Registration Procedures

  1. Check University’s Academic Calendar by accessing the Purdue Calumet home page, then clicking on Calendar on the upper right of the screen, and selecting Academic Calendar to see when registration begins.   As a general rule, registration for Summer and Fall semesters begins in mid-March and for Spring semester in mid-October.

  2. If you are a first year student, you are required to see your advisor before registering. Schedule an appointment with your advisor close to the time you may register by calling (219) 989-2339.

  3. Please remember the following when you schedule an appointment with an advisor. 
    1. Be prepared.  Bring any pertinent information with you.
    2. Be on time.  Tardiness causes the following appointments to be disrupted, and you might have to reschedule.
    3. Write down any questions you have so that you will not forget to ask them.

    Review the advising syllabus, which provides more information about academic advising expectations. 

    Advising syllabus – PDF (link opens a PDF in this window),

    Advising syllabus – alternate text only version (link opens in this window)

  4. Please note that advisors cannot make changes to the days/times of classes nor can they waive a prerequisite or a requirement without academic department approval. 

  5. Check the Plan of Study (Bingo Sheet) for your degree’s course work.
    1. Look on Purdue Calumet’s website under class schedule (link opens in this window) for the courses’ days/times.
    2. Check for prerequistes for the classes you choose.

  6. Select the classes at the days and times that you want or need. If you are not a first year student and have a schedule ready, go ahead and register online through the myPUC portal.
  7. Are you ready to take an online course?  (link opens a PDF in this window)   Find out what to expect before you register! 

  8. If you have an appointment with an advisor in the Center for Student Achievement, make sure to:
    1. Announce yourself to the secretary to let someone know that you are there.
    2. Sign in at the reception desk.
    3. Know your student ID number.

  9. Once you are enrolled in classes, you are not fully registered until all fees and tuition are paid.  So make sure you pay by the deadline!