Online Classes

Ready to take an Online Class?

Know what to expect BEFORE you register!

You’re thinking of taking an online class and you’re aware of the benefits – convenience, connection, and control.  It fits your schedule.  Online classes are interactive and you can get regular feedback; you have access to course materials 24/7.  You can read and study during your most productive time of day.

Be Realistic in Your Expectations

Participation is still required – whether it is your individual comments and responses to others or as part of a group project.  Log on regularly – even 5 to 6 days per week – to remain current with what is going on in class.  Schedule time on your calendar for logging in, working on assignments, and studying.

Common Myths About Taking Online Classes

Just because the course is offered online doesn’t mean…

I can work on assignments at my own pace and on my own time.   FALSE:  There are still due dates, deadlines, and required activities that need to be completed just like in any in-seat course.

I can check in online at any time and view discussions or chats, but not really have to participate.  FALSE:  In most instances, part of your grade will be your participation.  There really is no hiding in the back of the class.

Online courses are easier than in-seat classes.  FALSE:  Professors have similar learning objectives for courses whether they are online or in-seat.  It takes just as much effort – if not more – to get an “A” in an online environment as it does an in-seat class.

“My computer crashed” is an acceptable excuse to not turn in work.  FALSE:  Your professor will expect you to have a back-up plan in place for such emergencies – like using campus lab computers or your local public library.  Don’t forget to back up your files, too!

Items to Consider Before You Register

If you answer “no” to 3 or more, you may want to postpone registering for online classes until you are prepared to meet these conditions.

  • Do you own a computer?  If so, does it have plenty of memory, a graphics card, internet capability, and other technical requirements specifically identified for the course(s) you are considering?
  • Do you have the software needed for online coursework such as internet access and browser, Adobe Reader, Microsoft Office programs like Word or PowerPoint?  Do you know how to use Blackboard – Purdue Calumet’s course management system?
  • Can you type (not just text) and are you comfortable using a computer and online technology?  Do you have good reading comprehension?  Are you comfortable relating to others in an online environment?
  • Are you organized and have good time management skills?  Are you a self-starter who seldom procrastinates to work on assignments?
  • If you work and/or have family obligations that take up a lot of your time, will you have enough free time to spend 6 to 8 hours per week on each online course?
  • Are you able to come to campus occasionally or call your professor during his or her office hours if necessary?
  • Can you focus on your coursework despite online distractions?  Do you have a designated space to do your online classwork?
  • Are you prepared to still take notes during online class discussions and study independently?

Purdue Calumet Online Course Availability

For a complete list of online courses available at Purdue Calumet, refer to the online class schedule and look for these designations:

Distance Learning     or    Web Based

Be aware that some courses may be hybrid and list a lecture day and time as well as having an online learning component.

Helpful Contact Information

Blackboard Questions?    Contact the Office of Instructional Technology (OIT) at (219) 989-2873 or go to OIT’s web page  for help with Blackboard.

Technical Questions?   Contact the Calumet Customer Support Center at (219) 989-2888, option 2.   Office location:  Powers 216

Don’t know your username / password or need it reset?   Go to   You will need your Purdue ID.