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Student Academic Support
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1-800 HI-PURDUE, x.3227
Locally within Indiana & Illinois

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Parent/Supporter Newsletter: DESTINATION GRADUATION

News for you-the supporters/parents of your student.

Each quarter, we bring you information on timely events, resources, and campus happenings to help your student stay connected. And more importantly, to help you stay connected too.



Current Issue


November 15, 2013

October 2013 10/28/2013: Priority Registration for Spring 2014 Begins December 2013 12/13/2013 Priority Registration for Spring 2014 Ends Jan 2014 1/2/2014  Payment Deadline Spring 2014 Priority Registration 1/6/2014 Registration for Spring 2014 Reopens 1/10/2014 Registration Ends for Spring 2014 1/10/2014 Last day for 100% Refund for Spring 2014 Tuition & Fees 1/13/2014 Spring 2014 Classes Begin 1/17/2014 Spring 2014 Payment Deadline 1/20/2014 Dr. Martin Luther King, ...

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Student Corner

November 15, 2013

Shaky hands By: JESSICA VAN KLEY; English Writing major in the class of 2016 Heart pounding and hands shaking I entered; my eyes darted around for an empty seat at this new student orientation I was told to attend.  I finally found a seat at a table of strangers, who to me seemed calm, cool and collected, ...

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Focus on…

November 15, 2013

Commencement: Getting Your Student There Graduation. Commencement. Receiving a Degree! It may seem a far way off to many of our students, but in reality—and as something we all know—time flies! The process of getting your student walking at the Commencement ceremony may seem arduous to think about (especially as he/she is just beginning or completing his/her first ...

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November 15, 2013

Technology sources…at your fingertips There are numerous ways to find answers and information you seek. To help you access what you may need, following are a few suggestions, shortcuts and explanations relating to various Purdue University Calumet departments/units. Center for Learning and Academic Success (CLAS). The CLAS site is dedicated to providing resources for Academic Advising, the ...

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November 15, 2013

Spotlight on…Financial Aid We know there are questions upon questions upon questions about the financial aid process. The good news, at this point, is that the FAFSA process has been completed, and your student knows the status of his/her financial aid award. Whether in the form of grants, loans, or even the opportunity to participate in ...

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Chancellor’s Message

November 15, 2013

Being your student’s parental partner By THOMAS KEON I have listened to many student graduation speeches over the years and have spoken with countless graduates filled with pride about what they celebrate on graduation day. I have heard stories about favorite professors, life changing learning experiences and an eagerness to put degrees to work to make a ...

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Timely Reminders

November 15, 2013

TIMELY REMINDERS     So What’s Next on the Agenda? By now, your student is registered for his/her classes. In fact, most students left New Student Orientation with their schedule in hand. Maybe your student is not sure of what will happen next? Maybe you are not sure of the process either? Take a breath. And make sure your student ...

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