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One Book / One University

Faculty are encouraged to incorporate the book selection into their courses.  For faculty copies of the book, contact The Center for Learning & Academic Success at

To facilitate use of the common reader, the following resources are provided:

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About the Author  The author’s web site and blog

Picture of author, Nicholas Carr

About the Book The official book web site

W. W. Norton, Inc Book Review

 NY Times Book Review  by Jonah Lehrer June 2010

Book cover


Big Think Interview with Nicholas Carr, November 10, 2010  (16 minute video and transcript)

2011 Economist Conference with Nicholas Carr, “The Dark Side of the Information Revolution”   , (15 min and 35 sec video, no transcript available)  

Audio Files

NPR interview with Nicholas Carr during All Things Considered  “ ‘The Shallows’: This is Your Brain Online” , June 2010 (7 min 47 sec, audio and transcript)

Public Radio International – PRI interview with Nicholas Carr during To the Best of Our Knowledge “Internet Turning Us into ‘Superficial Thinkers’ “ , September 2011 (article, audio file, no transcript available)


Nicholas Carr, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”    The Atlantic, July 1, 2008

Nicholas Carr, “The Web Shatters Focus, Rewires Brains”   Wired Magazine, May 2010

Nicholas Carr, “Does the Internet Make You Dumber?”  The Wall Street Journal, June 2010

Nicholas Carr, “As Technology Advances, Deep Reading Suffers” San Francisco Chronicle, May 2013