Series of Success Workshops

The Center for Learning and Academic Success (CLAS) offers 7 different Series of Success Workshops aimed at assisting students with different aspects of attending a university. These one hour workshops are FREE for all Purdue University students and are held on campus in Gyte 106. Students can use the Quick Sign-Up to register for a Series of Success workshop, and links are also available on the detailed information pages listed below:

Fall 2014 Series of Success Workshop Dates and Quick Sign-Up

Click any of the links below to sign-up for that S.O.S. Workshop.

10/22/14 (3:30pm–4:30pm) Save Your Semester: Pass that Class!

10/29/14 (3:30pm–4:30pm) Finish in Four: The Graduation Recipe

10/31/14 (12:30pm–1:30pm) Save Your Semester: Pass that Class!

11/5/14 (12:30pm–1:30pm) Get Smart: Memory and Speed Reading Skills for Test Taking

11/11/14 (3:30pm–4:30pm) Power in Numbers: The Importance of Forming Study Groups

11/19/14 (12:30pm–1:30pm) Time Flies when You’re on FACEBOOK: Time Management Skills