One Book / One University – Student Information & Resources

All students in their freshman year will have the opportunity to reflect on topics raised in the common reader and explore their meanings through multiple perspectives. Book discussion groups and other activities related to the text will be available throughout the academic year.

How will I benefit from this program?

One Book / One University experiences will help you:

  • make connections with other students,
  • make connections with faculty,
  • think critically about a social issue, belief, culture, or other topic of global concern,
  • discover that learning can take place outside the classroom, and
  • become involved in university activities.

How do I get a copy of the book?

Please contact the Calumet Campus Shop in the Student Union/Library building regarding purchasing a copy of this year’s selection. Books are also available for loan in the Purdue Calumet Library.

Will I be required to read this book for a specific class?

You may read and have activities related to the book in your Freshman Year Experience course, English, Communications class, or any other freshman level course. Faculty participation in One Book / One University is voluntary and up to the individual faculty member. As this is a campus-wide initiative, you may have more than one class that incorporates the book into the coursework.

Please be prepared to answer the following DISCUSSION QUESTIONS at the beginning of the semester.

David & Goliath Discussion Questions