One Book One University

About the Program

One Book/One University is designed to provide incoming students with a shared academic experience through reading a common text. A different book will be selected each academic year based on recommendations from the campus community. Steering and Book Selection committees with representation from numerous university departments administer the program and determine which book will be used each year.

Through One Book / One University experiences new students will be able to make connections with faculty and peers as well as be encouraged to participate in campus activities related to the book.

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About the Book

One Book One University featured book cover: Outcasts United

The book selection for the 2014/2015 academic year is Outcasts United by Warren St. John.

A story of a team of refugee boys, the remarkable woman who coaches them, and the town where they live, a once-sleepy southern hamlet that has been upended by the process of refugee resettlement. It’s a story about the challenges posed by our quickly changing world, and one that reminds us of what is possible in this country when we put our values in action.

Get your copy now in the Purdue Calumet Bookstore! (Located in the Student Union Library)

Nominating a Book

Suggestions for future book selections can be emailed to Please include book title, author, ISBN, and publisher information. View book criteria before submitting a nomination to ensure that your title meets the One Book / One University book selection committee requirements.