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Recent News

    Exploring Majors and Careers

    You’ve identified your skills, interests, values, and possible careers and majors, so now it’s time to explore and connect what you know about yourself with your options.

    1. Schedule an appointment to meet with your Academic Advisor!
    2. Explore Purdue Calumet’s Website!
      • Purdue Calumet’s Undergraduate Academic Catalog provides descriptions of each major, plans of study for every program, and course descriptions.  Review the majors available to you at Purdue Calumet.  Come up with a list of majors you are interested in.  Look at the plan of study for each major, taking note of the courses that are required for that major.  Read through the course description section and see if those courses appeal to you.  Also, read through the other course descriptions and come up with a list of courses that sound interesting to you.  Research majors that require you take the courses that sound appealing to you.
      • Purdue Calumet’s School and Departmental web pages are an excellent way to learn more about different majors and career possibilities, as well as to connect with an academic advisor for a specific major.  To learn more about a particular major, explore the Department’s or School’s website that the major belongs to.  If you still want to learn more about that program, talk to Faculty from that Department and Academic Advisors for that major.
      • Still wondering how to connect a major with a career?  Visit Purdue Calumet’s What Can I do With this Major (link opens in this window).
    3. If you haven’t met with a Career Counselor, do so now.  Call the Counseling Center at 219-989-2366 or visit them in Gyte 005 to set up an appointment.
    4. Research different occupations and careers using these tools (all of the following links open in a new window): 
      • The Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) describes the training and education needed, earnings, expected job prospects, what workers do on the job, and working conditions for hundreds of different types of jobs.  If you are interested in a specific job, visit the OOH and find out what kind of education and training you need.  Use the OOH to explore different careers and fields.
      • O*Net is an excellent career exploration tool for matching personality descriptions with potential careers.  Find potential jobs and careers that match your skills and interests through O*Net.
      • Learn More Indiana’s Career Section includes similar information to OOH and O*Net, but is tailored to the state of Indiana.

    Once you’ve decided on a major, you’re ready to start the CODO process to declare your major

    If you’re still undecided, you might be wondering which courses you should register for next semester…