Choosing Classes When You’re Undecided

A great place to start is the Undecided Plan of Study.  The courses listed on this plan of study are general education courses that are required for a number of majors at Purdue Calumet.  These are just recommended courses and you are more than welcome to take courses not listed on the grid and/or take the courses in a different order.

Requirements are different for every major, so it’s very important that when choosing courses you refer to an updated plan of study from each major you are interested in.  If you’ve narrowed down your search to a few majors, compare the plans of study for the different majors and register for courses that are required for all or most of the majors you are interested in.  Doing so will ensure that you are taking courses that can be applied towards a number of different majors.  It is also important to take courses that interest you.  If there’s a course listed on only one major’s plan of study that sounds very appealing to you, register for it!  Taking that course might just help you decide on a major.  If you decide on another major, you may still be able to use that course to meet an elective requirement.

If you have any questions about selecting courses, feel free to contact your Academic Advisor.