Academic Recovery Program (ARP)

All Purdue Calumet students who are placed on probation due to their cumulative GPA are required to participate in the Academic Recovery Program (ARP).  ARP is an initiative approved by the Faculty Senate to help students achieve academic success.

In the semester that you are on probation, you are required to:

  • Enroll in no more than 12 credit hours.
  • Receive no grades of “W” or “I” unless approved by your Academic Advisor.
  • Enroll in Supplemental Instruction if it is available for your courses. Supplemental Instruction is available through the Academic Resource Center located in Gyte 102.

To strengthen your grade point average, for the next semester you are enrolled you must:

  • Enroll and successfully complete GNS 29000, Learning Strategies (3 cr. hrs.), if you have not already taken the course and earned a “C” or better grade.
  • Repeat all courses in which you received a grade of “D” or “F” to achieve a higher grade.

The steps outlined above have proven to be successful in raising a student’s GPA. To ensure your participation in meeting the requirements of the Academic Recovery Program a hold has been placed on your account. Therefore, you will be unable to make any changes to your course schedule.

If you have more questions about academic probation and the Academic Recovery Program, please see the ARP FAQ’s (link opens in this window).

Where to go for assistance:

Discuss with your academic advisor the best strategies for helping you improve your GPA. It is important that you make progress toward good academic standing to avoid being dropped from the university.  Advisors are available throughout the semester to discuss academic concerns as well as planning for upcoming semesters.

Remember to take advantage of the many free services available on campus – such as tutoring, the writing center, and supplemental instruction. They are here for your benefit!

Attend class regularly! Ask your instructors about your grades and how you are doing in class. Don’t be afraid to request feedback on your progress.

Your success depends on you!