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Open Lab Tutoring

Become a better student, increase your confidence and understanding… come for FREE tutoring.

Student Academic Support is staffed with over 40 faculty recommended student tutors who have demonstrated proficiency in the courses they tutor. They must maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or higher in their subject area. Stop in and give us a try, free tutoring in most university subjects is available throughout the semester.

For more information, stop by Gyte 102 or contact us at 219-989-3227.

What to expect in Open Lab Tutoring sessions:

  • Peer-assisted, small group tutoring.
  • No appointment necessary – check the tutoring schedule and walk right in.
  • Sessions are very interactive, and tutors will lead you in doing your own work.
  • Tutors will help you to become an independent, confident learner.
  • Tutors will help you structure your work, and they can help you discover your learning style.

What NOT to expect in Open Lab Tutoring sessions:

  • Tutors will not do your work for you. They will not write, edit, or proofread your papers, and they will not give you answers, but will help you find your own answers.
  • Tutors will not re-teach the course material. You must attend class, do the assigned reading, and take notes to receive tutoring.
  • Tutors will not be available only for study sessions before exams. You are expected to meet with your tutor on a regular basis throughout the semester.

More questions? Visit our FAQs!

Frequently Asked Questions About Open Lab Tutoring

Q. What is Open Lab Tutoring?

A. Open Lab tutoring is small group tutoring sessions offered in a wide array of subjects. The tutors are fellow students that have excelled in the subject matter and have been recommended by a faculty member.

Q. What does a tutor do?

A. Tutors are peers, often upperclassmen, who have extensive knowledge in the subject matter. Tutors provide encouragement, clarify concepts and provide opportunity for practice. A tutor DOES NOT do a student’s work for him or her.

Q. Do I have to make an appointment?

A. No, just check the schedule to make sure there is a tutor available in the subject you need help in and walk right in.

Q. How much do the Open Lab Tutors charge?

A. Open Lab tutoring is free and available only to Purdue Calumet students.

Q. What subjects can I get tutored in?

A. Students are tutored in many subjects such as math, science, foreign language, engineering, management, and accounting.

Q. Where do I go for tutoring?

A. Monday through Friday, tutoring takes place (per the schedule) in Gyte 102, 106, and 071.

Q. Is private one-on-one tutoring available?

A. Yes, for a reasonable fee, private tutoring is available to Purdue Calumet students and non-students through the Community Tutoring program.