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Supplemental Instruction (SI)

About Supplemental Instruction

The Supplemental Instruction (S.I.) program is a support service offered through Student Academic Support to Purdue Calumet students.

S.I. is offered in specific, historically difficult undergraduate level courses, such as English Composition, Algebra and Trig., various levels of Calculus, Intro. to Biology, General and Organic Chemistry, General Physics and a variety of engineering courses. An S.I. Leader, a student that has already successfully taken the class, is paid to sit in on the class again with you.  The S.I. Leader holds interactive review sessions several times a week to reinforce the material covered in the lecture. These free sessions give students the opportunity to ask questions, learn new study techniques, and test themselves before the Instructor tests them!

Benefits of Supplemental Instruction

Students who attend S.I. sessions gain a greater understanding of the material and improve their academic skills. Both national and on-campus studies have shown that students who attend S.I. on a regular basis average between a half and full letter grade higher than students who do not attend S.I. sessions.

Starting with the Spring 2013 class schedule, some classes that have S.I. will be identified in advance.

See retention and success rates of students that attend S.I.

Role of Supplemental Instruction Leader

S.I. leaders are students who have successfully completed the course with a B or better and have been recommended by the professors to provide assistance to those enrolled in the class.

SI leaders take on the role of model students while paid to attend class sessions again.  They take lecture notes, complete the readings and homework assignments.  They are expected to meet weekly with the professor to ensure that the material covered and discussed in the SI session aligns with the professor’s presentation of the information.

At least twice a week, the S.I. Leader facilitates pre-planned, interactive review sessions where students are involved in creative approaches to learning. This may include game playing, peer-teaching, or simply practicing homework problems.

Questions about S.I.? Contact us at 219-989-3227.