Private Tutoring

Student Academic Support offers private tutoring to both students and non-students for a reasonable fee. After you complete the form below, we will provide you with a list of the tutors that are available for private tutoring. All of the students on the list have a proven track record of academic success. Purdue University Calumet is in no way endorsing this program and these tutors are not being paid by the University to provide this service. All communication, tutoring arrangements and payment for services rendered will be made solely between the client and the tutor.

Guidelines for Students/Parents/Guardians:

  1. Rates should be negotiated in advance and cash payment made at the beginning of each tutoring session.
  2. Minors/children must be escorted to and from the meeting place.
  3. Students are expected to sit quietly, show respect for the tutor, and follow the rules of the facility/meeting area.
  4. Please be respectful of your tutor’s time; be punctual at both the beginning and end of the tutoring session.
  5. Please provide your tutor with at least 24-hours notice of a cancellation.