Transferring to Purdue Calumet

If you are currently attending another institution and planning to transferring to Purdue University Calumet, then there are a few steps that you need to complete.

Step 1: Apply to Purdue Calumet!Apply Now!

Step 2: Make an appointment with your Purdue Calumet advisor!

Once you receive your acceptance letter, it will contain information about who your advisor is and their contact information.  Call the number provided in your letter to set up an advising appointment.

Step 3:  Bring a copy of your unofficial transcripts to your appointment!

On the day of your advising appointment, make certain that you printout an unofficial copy of your transcripts.  Even if you have submitted an official copy of your transcripts to the Admission’s Office, it is important to bring an unofficial copy with you. Due to the volume of students applying to Purdue Calumet, your official transcripts may not be evaluated in time for your appointment. If you bring an unofficial copy, your advisor will have a good idea of which courses you have completed and which classes to enroll you in.

***IMPORTANT–You must have “C” or better in courses, at the 100-level or higher, for the credits to transfer to Purdue Calumet.  Grades of D and F will not transfer.  Remedial courses (less than 100-level) will not transfer.  Also, only course credits are transferable to Purdue Calumet, not GPAs.***