Transferring Purdue Calumet Courses

If you are planning to take your general education courses at Purdue Calumet and transfer to another institution–like Purdue West Lafayette or Indiana University–you must contact that school in regard to transferring your courses.

Each school has different degree criteria, and it is important that you know all the requirements before taking any classes that you plan to transfer there.  For example, you don’t want to pay for classes at Purdue Calumet, try to transfer the credits, and then learn that Ball State won’t accept that course as an exact equivalent.  It is your job to find these answers!

Here is a helpful link to give you course equivalency ideas: (link opens in a new window). This is not a guarantee; you will still need to contact your potential institution.

Links to a few transfer sites (all of the following links open in a new window):

Indiana Map which opens in a new window.