Temporary Transient (ZTT)

Temporary transient (ZTT) students are advised by the Center for Student Achievement.  If you intend to be at Purdue Calumet for a short amount of time and are not pursuing a degree, you are considered to be a temporary transient student.  It is important that you follow the steps below before meeting with an advisor.

  1. Apply online through the Office of Admissions (link opens in this window) as a non-degree seeking student.
  2. Once you have been accepted, contact the Center for Learning and Academic Success (219-989-2339) to schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor or, if you are eligible, register yourself online (link opens in this window).
  3. Prior to meeting with your Academic Advisor, review the Class Schedule (link opens in this window) and research the courses that are offered at Purdue Calumet for that semester.  If you are planning on transferring the course to another university, you should also make an appointment to meet with your academic advisor at your home institution to discuss your plan.  For more information on transferring Purdue Calumet courses, view Transferring Purdue Calumet Courses  (link opens in this window).
  4. If you are planning on taking a math or English course or a course that has a math or English course as a prerequisite and you have never taken a math or English course, you must take the Math and/or English Placement Test prior to meeting with your advisor.  If you are interested in taking a foreign language course and have a background in that language, it is important for you to take the appropriate Foreign Language Placement Test prior to meeting with your advisor.  For the most up to date testing hours, please visit the Testing Center’s web site (link opens in this window).  Make sure to look over the online  study guides before taking the placement tests.
  5. Arrive to your advising appointment on time, prepared, and, if applicable, with a copy of your most up to date college transcripts.   During you advising appointment, your Academic Advisor will be able to answer all of your questions and help you register for classes.
  6. Once you are registered for your course(s) make sure to pay your tuition and fees on time, purchase the necessary books for that course, and be there the first day of class.
  7. If you wish to become a degree seeking student, please contact the Office of Admissions.