Placement Tests

Placement Tests are Mandatory

Testing allows students to be placed in the courses appropriate to their level of expertise. For newly admitted students, the math placement test must be completed before you sign up for New Student Orientation.

  • Math Placement Test is required.
  • English Placement Test maybe used in lieu of high school English grades and verbal SAT scores for those who are 23 years of age or older.
  • Students are encouraged to take the Foreign Language Placement test if they have had 2 years or more of foreign language in high school or are a native speaker.

English and Foreign Language Placement Tests

English and foreign language placement testing is administered through the Testing Services Center in Lawshe 118.  Tests are given on a walk-in basis.  You must bring your student ID number and a photo ID with you.

What does it mean if I place into Advisory English?

This is a brush up course offered in partnership with Ivy Tech Community College.  English 025 – Introduction to Writing, must be taken at your local Ivy Tech campus, which you can register for as a guest student.  See instructions for  Advisory English (links open in this window) placement.   Once you pass this course with a “C” or better grade, you are eligible for ENGL10000, English Composition, at Purdue Calumet.  

Math Placement Tests

Math placement testing is administered online using ALEKS.  Please plan to take the ALEKS math placement test as early as possible upon admission so that you have time to retake the test, if needed.  We strongly recommend brushing up on your math skills before you take the test.   You are expected to follow the Purdue University Calumet Honor Code – dishonesty or cheating is unacceptable.  Please take this test seriously as the results determine what math course you will have your first semester at Purdue Calumet.

To take ALEKS, log in through the myPUC portal (link opens in this window) – or directly access the ALEKS link ALEKS (link opens in this window) –  using the login and password on your admission letter.  

What does it mean if I place into MA02100, Beginning Algebra?

Students who take the ALEKS math placement test and place into MA 02100 should note that Purdue Calumet no longer offers this course.  If you have placed into MA 02100, you have the following options:

OPTION 1:  You may use the learning modules available in ALEKS or other tutorials of your choice and retake the ALEKS math placement test.  You will have six weeks from the date of your original ALEKS test to go through the tutorials and retest.   You can retest in ALEKS up to four times.  If you test higher into a college-level math or statistics class, then MA 02100 will be considered fulfilled.   If you still test into MA 02100 after completing the tutorials and up to four attempts, you may pursue option 2.

OPTION 2:  You may attend a local community college, take their math placement test, and enroll in the appropriate math course(s) there as recommended by that institution.    Having completed the math course(s), you must submit your official transcripts and retake the ALEKS placement test at Purdue Calumet.  If the six-week time period is exhausted, you will be responsible for purchasing access to retest through ALEKS.


Lawshe 118

(219) 989-2504

Learn more about placement testing (link opens in this window) and find out more about ALEKS, view the current testing schedule, and see sample test questions.

“Reasonable accommodations” are available (in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act). Students should contact Student Support Services to make proper arrangements: (219) 989-2455.