Purdue University Calumet Terms, Acronyms and Definitions

Term Definition
Academic Advising Academic advisors (link opens in this window) discuss program requirements, information on campus resources, course selections, university procedures, and academic planning.  Advising is best when students come in prepared to discuss their questions and are willing to listen to the advice and information that the advisor is offering. 
Academic Integrity Students are expected to “understand that dishonesty in the classroom, through cheating, plagiarism or other dishonest acts, defeats the purpose and disgraces the mission and quality of a Purdue University Calumet education.”   View the entire Honor Code (opens a PDF in this window).
Academic Probation A student will be placed on Academic Probation if either the semester or cumulative GPA at the end of a regular semester falls below a specified level for their academic classification.  See  Academic Standing (Office of Registrar link opens in this window) for details.
Academic Recovery Program (ARP) ARP (link opens in this window) is a program designed to assist students who have been placed on academic probation due to their cumulative grade point average (GPA). 
Academic Resource Center (ARC) The ARC (link opens in this window), located in Gyte 102, is the department where students can receive tutoring and supplemental instruction.
AY Academic Year
Blackboard Learn Purdue Calumet’s online course management system.
Block Schedule A grouped set of courses that allow students to be in classes with the same classmates.  In the Center for Student Achievement, students in their first semester take these core classes:  English, math, communications, and Freshman Year Experience.
 Bursar Student Accounts (link opens in this window) is located in Lawshe 130.
Change of Degree Objective (CODO) Process to declare or change a major.  For procedures and forms, see the Office of the Registrar’s CODO web site (link opens in this window).
Classification Level of course completion.  1 & 2 = freshman; 3 & 4 = sophomore; 5 & 6 = junior; and 7 & 8 = senior.
Credit Hour The unit that designates the value, level or time requirements of an academic course. Many courses at Purdue Calumet are 3.0 credit hours and meet two days a week in a Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday combination.  Some courses may meet one day a week or have a lab associated with them.  View the online class schedule (link opens in this window)  for a complete list.
CRN Course Request Number – a unique number assigned to individual class sections.  They are listed on the online class schedule and needed for web registration.
CSA Center for Student Achievement (link opens in this window) is located in Lawshe 122.
Dean’s List Recognition given to students who have achieved a certain level of semester or cumulative GPA.  See Academic Standing (Office of Registrar link opens in this window).
Degree Works Degree Works (link opens in this window)  is a web-based application used by students and advisors to track progress toward a degree and consider “what-if” scenarios if a student wishes to change their major.  Also accessible through myPUC.
Developmental courses Courses in English and math that students may need to take in order to improve their skills and get prepared for college level coursework.  Placement in these courses is determined by previous high school grades, SAT scores, and/or placement test results.  
Directory Information / Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) The student information which is allowed to be disclosed under FERPA regulations (link opens in this window).  Students not wishing information to be disclosed can request that it be restricted through the Office of the Registrar in Lawshe 130.
EMS School of Engineering, Mathematics & Science (link opens in this window)
Enrollment Services Center (ESC) Located in Lawshe 130, ESC is the department where students can pay tuition, check on their financial aid, add/drop classes, and get enrollment verifications and transcripts as well as receive other enrollment services.
Experiential Learning (ExL) Hands-on learning with opportunities to travel, volunteer, work or create.  With Experiential Learning (link opens in this window) as a graduation requirement, students will learn by doing at Purdue Calumet.
FAFSA Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  The annual deadline to file the FAFSA application is March 10thFAFSA (link opens in this window)  applications can be completed online and students can check the status of their financial aid through myPUC.
Freshman Year Experience (FYE) course – GNS10300 in the Center for Student Achievement Designed to assist and guide students in maximizing their potential for success at the university by promoting academic growth.  This mandatory course will emphasize utilization of campus resources, goal setting, values exploration, the relationship of academic planning to life goals, career exploration, and critical thinking strategies.
First Generation College Student Student whose parents did not attend and earn a college degree.
Full-time Student Students are considered full-time if they take at least 12 credit hours in a semester.
Grade Point Average (GPA) Average of college level course grades taken for credit.  4.00 = A; 3.00 = B; 2.00 = C; 1.00 = D; and 0.00 = F.  See the Registrar’s web page for complete GPA information (link opens in this window).
Hold A restriction on a student’s ability to register for classes.  For more details, visit the Registrar’s web page on holds (link opens in this window).
LASS School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (link opens in this window)
Learning Community A group of students who take a block schedule (grouped courses) and share a common learning experience.  By intentionally linking courses and coursework there are more opportunities for active learning and interaction between students and faculty.
Major The main field of study during a student’s undergraduate studies. 
Matriculation The enrollment or registration as a student in a university or college.
Minor A secondary and often optional focus of an undergraduate degree.
myPUC The hub of Purdue Calumet’s online services and information for students.  The portal offers services which include web registration, financial aid and student account status information, course offerings, and other important campus resources.
Placement Testing Placement tests (link opens in this window), offered through the Testing Center in Lawshe 118, are used to determine the proper placement of students in math, English, or foreign language.  Students can then be enrolled in the courses appropriate to their level of college readiness.
Plagiarism Representing another person’s words or ideas as your own.  This activity is in violation of university policy.
Plan of Study List of courses and requirements for a particular major.  Each degree program at Purdue Calumet has one.
PUID Purdue University Identification Number – a unique number that Purdue assigns to all students, faculty, and staff.  
Office of the Registrar The Office of the Registrar (link opens in this window) in Lawshe 130 provides students with a wide array of services such as registering for courses, requesting transcripts, completing enrollment verifications, veterans’ services, and coordinating all graduation records and procedures.
Rule 10 Student Students taking courses at Purdue Calumet while in high school.  They are advised through the Center for Student Achievement.  See the Rule 10 web page (link opens in this window).
Semester Spring or Fall 17-week academic term, which includes spring and fall breaks as well as university recognized holidays falling within the start and end dates of the semester. The last week of the semester is finals week.  Summer semesters include shorter sessions with varying start and end dates.  See the academic calendar (link opens in this window) for official start and end dates and holidays.
Supplemental Instruction (SI) The Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program (link opens in this window) is a support service offered to undergraduate students through the Academic Resource Center in Gyte 102. Sessions are free and give students an opportunity to ask questions, learn new study techniques, and gain better understanding of course content.
Undeclared or Undecided Student Student who has not yet declared a major. Undecided students (link opens in this window)  are advised through the Center for Student Achievement in Lawshe 122.
Undergraduate Research Opportunities for students to work on research projects with faculty who are experts in their field.  Undergrad research (link opens in this window) is just one component of Experiential Learning available at Purdue Calumet.
University Village On-campus student housing (link opens in this window)  is located on 173rd Street on the south end of campus.