Academic Advising

Who do we advise?

The Center for Learning and Academic Success (CLAS) staff devotes the majority of its time to advising students with undeclared majors (UND).  Students may make an appointment with an advisor to discuss questions that they may have about a particular major.  The CLAS advisors keep up with changes in the various departments and can refer students to specific departmental advisors for more detailed information.

What other students do we advise?

Students who did not apply to Purdue Calumet’s Nursing Program by their February 1st deadline.  These students are advised as to the School of Nursing’s rules for application as well as which classes they will need to take in order to apply as soon as possible.  CLAS advises students wanting to enter into the Elementary Education Program.  The advisors work closely with the Education advisor to transfer these students to the School of  Education.

The balance of CLAS’s students are temporary students (link opens in this window) from all walks of life.  Some are students at other colleges coming home for the summer and wanting to take a class closer to home.  Others are adult learners looking for a learning experience, while others are company employees seeking specific job-related skills.

Student with a CSA Advisor

What do you need to know about meeting with an advisor?

Advising is done on an appointment basis in order to allow the student and advisor an uninterrupted conversation.  Appointments can be scheduled by calling our office at (219) 989-2339 or stopping in Lawshe 122.  Math Placement testing should be completed prior to the appointment time.  English Placement may or may not be required.  Placement tests are administered through the Testing Services Center in Lawshe 118.

Advisors discuss program requirements, information on campus resources, course selections, and academic planning.  Advising is best when the student comes in prepared to discuss his/her questions and is willing to listen to the advice and information that the advisor is offering.

Review the advising syllabus, which provides more information about academic advising expectations.

Advising syllabus (PDF) (link opens a PDF in this window),

Advising syllabus – alternate text only version (link opens in this window)

Transfer and Rule 10 students:

Transfer students (link opens in this window) who are new to the Purdue system should bring in unofficial transcripts to the advising appointment.  High School Rule 10 students (link opens in this window) need to speak with their High School Guidance Counselor to discuss what courses their school is requiring.

What is a Freshman Year Experience class?

The department’s Freshman Year Experience course (GNS10300) is designed to help students explore various majors along with learning what resources are available to help them decide upon a major.

GNS10300  Introduction to Higher Ed – Freshman Year Experience
Designed to assist and guide students in maximizing their potential for success at the university by promoting academic growth.  This course will emphasize utilization of campus resources, goal setting, values exploration, the relationship of academic planning to life goals, career exploration, and critical thinking strategies.