Timely Reminders

So What’s Next on the Agenda?

By now, your student is registered for his/her classes. In fact, most students left New Student Orientation with their schedule in hand. Maybe your student is not sure of what will happen next? Maybe you are not sure of the process either?

Someone holding a "Who, What, When, Where, Why, How" signTake a breath. And make sure your student is taking a breath too.

Classes are starting, books are being purchased. Gearing up for the next semester is the goal.

Not sure about your student’s current major, or concerned because he/she has yet to declare one? Do not worry. More than 20 percent of students do not have an intended major when they enroll, and more than one-third of students who have declared a major end up declaring a new one. So what is your next step? Is your student ready to declare a major? If he/she is ready, the process is known as Change of Degree Objective (CODO).

The Center for Learning and Academic Success (CLAS) allows your student to remain in the Undecided (UND) status for up to one year. Once a student has earned 48 credit hours, he/she must meet with his/her advisor to make sure that all requirements have been made to CODO.

If your student is struggling, or if there are questions about the steps needed to make a CODO, you can visit www.purduecal.edu/clas for more information.

If your student does not complete the CODO process, he/she officially will not be considered a degree-seeking student within his/her new major. The steps outlined by the office of the registrar need to be followed and appropriate forms must be completed.

Helpful hints:

Access the course catalog at http://www.purduecal.edu/catalog/

Need to reach an advisor?

Advisor List:

Linda Atkinson: Linda.Atkinson@purduecal.edu

Charnell Thomas: Charnell.Thomas@purduecal.edu