Spotlight on…Financial Aid

Graduation Cap on top of moneyWe know there are questions upon questions upon questions about the financial aid process. The good news, at this point, is that the FAFSA process has been completed, and your student knows the status of his/her financial aid award. Whether in the form of grants, loans, or even the opportunity to participate in our work study program, your student is gearing up to focus on one thing: education.

We’d like to provide you answers to many of the popular financial aid questions being asked. But before you read below the Q & A, with Tanika House, Assistant Director of Student Financial Services, we want you to take a moment. Think about your student’s education—and not think about education cost as a burden. Think of it as an investment. The money spent on education is truly an investment in your student’s future.


Q: Though I am a parent, I do not have access to my student’s financial records. How do I know if my student is handling his/her financial aid correctly?

A:  Many parents call wanting to know all the financial aid details. We only can provide general information. If login is needed to accept and/or decline awards, or if additional documents are required for processing, this information can be shared with you.  However, specific dollar amounts cannot be discussed over the phone. We are restricted from doing so by terms of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Please understand that we must comply with FERPA standards. That expressed, parents who present to us a signed consent from their student allows us to provide some additional information. We can discuss with you the parameters of obtaining this information.  


Q: If my student accepted a loan, does he/she have to accept the full amount?

A:  Students do not have to accept the full amount of a loan for which they have been granted approval to receive. But understand that the student is responsible for repaying the full amount accepted. To avoid surprises, please encourage your student to use their loan prudently in response to their educational needs only for the academic year.


Q: What is the process for staying up-to-date with my student’s financial aid?

A:  All updates to a student’s financial aid status are communicated via their MyPUC account. We no longer mail any information, as we have gone green!

Parents can call and check on the status of their student’s financial aid. To continue to receive their financial aid, students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements Should a student fail to satisfy eligibility requirements (GPA, completion rate, time frame) and, thereby, have his/her financial aid discontinued, the matter will be discussed with the student only. Please keep the lines of communication open with your student!


As you know, your student may need information from your tax statements for annual FAFSA filing. Content of the completed FAFSA form determines the amount of financial aid for which your student qualifies. Open and continual lines of communication with your student throughout his/her higher education years will go a long way in enhancing the financial aid process and helping your student succeed.