Focus on…

Commencement: Getting Your Student There

Graduation. Commencement. Receiving a Degree!

It may seem a far way off to many of our students, but in reality—and as something we all know—time flies!

The process of getting your student walking at the Commencement ceremony may seem arduous to think about (especially as he/she is just beginning or completing his/her first semester), but keeping the mindset of reminding your student that graduation is the ultimate goal of his/her Purdue Calumet experience and “right around the corner” is a worthy message of reminder.


Talk. Conversations about your student’s upcoming semester or current classes do not have to focus just about grades. Find out areas in which your student may excel, or just have conversations about some of the coursework.

Listen. Maybe your student is not interested in discussing coursework. Perhaps he/she is more interested in campus life. Many times, students prefer not to discuss grades, or become fearful of being judged if a course/semester does not go exactly as planned. Listening to your student’s desires, fears, and concerns can keep you in the loop of his/her feelings.

Learn. Finding out what your student’s interests are can be the building block for future conversations. Think of it as a first step to “learning” or becoming educated about what your student is experiencing as a student at Purdue University Calumet.