Below are our university awards including Student Research Day and Sigma Xi. Under each of the awards contains each of the recipients.

Student Research Day 2012

Graduate Oral Presentation

1st Place – Tyamo Okosun
Title: “Examination of Utility Scale Wind Turbine Wakes”
Mentor: Professor Chenn Zhou

2nd Place – Nick Walla and Sanjit Basak
Title: “Numerical Simulation of the PUC eddyGTTM Wind Turbine”
Mentor: Professor Chenn Zhou

Graduate Poster Presentation

1st Place – Jiaxin Hu
Title: “CFD Study of Unit 18 FGD Inlet Duct”
Mentor: Professor Chenn Zhou

3rd Place – Simin Pang
Title: “CFD Simulation of a Batch Anneal Furnace”
Mentor: Professor Chenn Zhou

Sigma Xi Student Research Awards

ME Award – Nick Walla
Title: “Simulation of Wind Turbine”

CIVS Award – Steve Dubec
Title: “Protein Visualization for Education”

Student Research Day 2011

Undergraduate Oral

1st Place – Joann Holmen, Nan Yan, Fan Zhang
Title: “Translating Senses from Poetry to Virtual Reality”
Mentors: Professors Chenn Zhou & Jin Lu

Graduate Poster

1st Place – Site Guo
Title: “Virtual Reality System for Solute Transport in Groundwater”
Mentor: Professor Chandra Viswanathan

Undergraduate Poster

3rd Place – Xianyu Wu, Tianyu Meng
Title: “Simulation and Virtual Reality Visualization of a Steel Casting Ladle”
Mentor: Professor Chenn Zhou

Undergraduate Oral

3rd Place – Xiaoxi Lou, Cong Zhao
Title: “CFD Modeling of an Industrial Boiler”
Mentor: Professor Chenn Zhou