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Student Paper Competition Awards


AIST 2014

CIVS Students Take 1st Place at AISTech 2014 Steel Conference

CIVS undergraduate students, Hannah Amor, Stephen Builta and Michael Garcia, won 1st Place at the 2014 AISTech (Association for Iron and Steel Technology) Conference, Undergraduate Student Project Presentation Contest with students from University of Illinois at Urbana‑Champaign and the University of Toronto taking 2nd and 3rd Place. The competition was held on Monday, May 5 in Indianapolis, IN. CIVS students presented their project titled “Roughing Mill Vertical Edger And Strip Grade Analysis Using FEA” sponsored by ArcelorMittal Steel.

The student competition is held annually at AISTech, an international conference that is steel’s premier technical event and North America’s largest steel exposition. Over 40 countries were represented with over 7,000 professionals in attendance. AISTech features technologies from all over the world, allowing steel producers to compete in today’s global market.

Picture of AISTech 2014 Undergraduate Poster Competition Winners

Left to right: Michael Garcia, Stephen Builta and Hannah Amor.


AIST 2013

CIVS Student Takes 1st Place at AISTech 2013 Steel Conference

CIVS graduate assistant, Nicholas Walla, won 1st Place at the 2013 AISTech (Association for Iron and Steel Technology) Conference, Graduate Student Poster Competition.  The competition was held on Monday, May 6 in Pittsburgh, PA. Nick presented his project titled “Life Prediction in Industrial Equipment” sponsored by U. S. Steel.

The student competition is held annually at AISTech, an international conference that is steel’s premier technical event and North America’s largest steel exposition. Over 123 students competed this year. More than 7,000 professionals attended the conference from all around the world.  Nick is expecting to receive his Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree in December 2013.  This is the second year in a row that a CIVS graduate student won first place.

CIVS student, Nicholas Walla, standing next to his winning poster at AISTech 2013

CIVS Student, Nicholas Walla, standing next to his winning poster at AISTech 2013.</p

AIST 2012

CIVS Student Wins 1st Place at Steel Conference

Purdue University Calumet graduate student, Md Taifur Rahman, won 1st Place at the 2012 Association for Iron and Steel Technology Conference (AISTech) Graduate Student Poster Contest. The contest was held on Monday, May 7 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Taifur presented his project titled “Development and Application of Burden Distribution Model and Shaft Simulation Model for Blast Furnace” that was developed through his work at the Center for Innovation through Visualization and Simulation along with co-authors Dong Fu, Yan Chen, and Dr. Chenn Zhou. The student competition is held annually at AISTech, an international conference which is steel’s premier technology event and North America’s largest steel exposition. The conference was attended by over 6,500 experts and professionals from all around the world.

Taifur Rahman wins 1st Place at AISTech 2012

CIVS Student, Md Taifur Rahman, and his poster at AISTech 2012.

AIST 2011

  CIVS Student Wins Third Place at AISTech2011

The Association for Iron and Steel Technology (AIST) hosts every year a national conference and exhibit to advance the technical development and production for the iron and steel-making industry.  This year, the event was held in Indianapolis, IN at the Indianapolis Convention Center.  The event was a great success with 5,529 people in attendance, from around the world, 434 technical presentation by industry and academic institutions, and 413 companies/institutions participated as exhibitors, showing their cutting edge technology and process improvements.

CIVS students and staff have been attending the event since 2008.  This year they presented 6 technical papers, 2 student posters and for the first time participated as a booth exhibitor for outreach and development giving way for networking with potential research partners and for sharing CIVS cutting-edge research with participants from around the world. “Part of CIVS’s mission is to conduct cutting edge applied research with real world impacts,” said John Moreland, Senior Research Scientist. “AISTech is a conference heavily attended by industry and is a great venue to make industry aware of the innovative work that we’re doing.”

One of AIST’s core focuses, are its student members. The students who attended toured local plants, competed in poster contests, where engaged in discussions about the iron and steel industries opportunities for their young professional careers and enjoyed social events for networking and building comrade. Philip Mann took 3rd place in the student poster competition.

Bin Wu, Research Engineer, felt that the AISTech 2011 Conference was a great way for CIVS to share their research experiences.  According to Wu, his favorite aspect of the conference was the exhibit booth set up by CIVS.  “The CIVS booth at the exhibition hall received many interests. It also enhanced more publicity for CIVS.”

 The following research projects were presented:

  •  CFD Simulation of a Spray Cooling System at a Blast Furnace Top

Presented by B. Wu, D. Huang, T. Roesel, and C. Zhou.

  •  CFD Simulation of Liquid Level in the Blast Furnace Hearth.

Presented by C. Leu, P. Alvarez, and C. Zhou.

  •  A New Mathematical Model for Iron Ore Reduction in a Blast Furnace

Presented by F. Huang (ArcelorMittal), D. Fu, and C. Zhou.

  •  Industrial Application of a Virtual Blast Furnace Training Package

Presented by J. Moreland, B. Wu, Y. Hu, J. Ricketts (ArcelorMittal), D. White (ArcelorMittal), and C. Zhou.

  •  Prediction of the Cohesive Zone in a Blast Furnace


Philip Mann_AISTech2011

ed by D. Fu, Y. Zhao (United States Steel Corporation), J. D’Alessio (U.S. Steel Canada), K. Ferron (U.S. Steel Canada), Y

. Chen, T. Rahman, and C. Zhou.

 Moreland also enjoyed the CIVS exhibit booth, which had a portable virtual reality system set up.  “There were a number of times where somebody would come up to try the 3D glasses without really knowing who we are or what we do,” said Moreland. “You could tell when something clicked and they realized that simulation and visualization is something that could really help with some of their own problems”

AIST 2010

Engineering Student and Faculty Win Prestigious International Awards

Original Post Date: Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Twenty-six engineering students and four faculty and research staff members from Purdue University Calumet (PUC) attended the largest annual international steel conference, AISTech 2010 – The Iron & Steel Technology Conference and Exposition, held in Pittsburgh from May 3 to May 6. The event drew more than 5,600 participants.

One junior ME student, Alek Shmagranoff won second place in the undergraduate student research competition and received a $1,000 prize. His presentation was entitled “Three Dimensional Simulation and Design of a Mixing Tank.” Alex graduated from Munster High School and has participated in undergraduate research since his freshman year. Other students from PUC who participated in the competition were Tom Roesel from Illinois, and Song Zhang from China.

Prof. Chenn Q. Zhou was honored with the Brimacombe Memorial Lecture Award. This award is given on a biannual basis. The award states that “It is presented in recognition of outstanding accomplishments in the science and technology of iron and steel manufacturing and is awarded to those rare individuals who exhibit Dr. Brimacombe’s dedication and profound effect on people.” According to Prof. Harvey Abramowitz, “receiving this award places Dr. Zhou at the forefront of the process metallurgy profession, and it recognizes the award recipient as being a world leader in the steel industry.” Dr. Zhou’s keynote lecture on “Visualizing the future of steel manufacturing” began the conference on Monday and gave more than 1000 attendees a first-hand look at how virtual reality visualization and simulation technology can spur innovation.

The students, all members of the Material Advantage Chapter at PUC, were supported by Prof. Harvey Abramowitz from his AIST foundation professor grant for this travel.

ME student, Alek ShmagranoffProfessor Chenn Q. Zhou

LSAMP 2009

Student received the first place in LSAMP Research Conference

Phillip Mann, a Junior in Mechanical Engineering, received first place for his oral presentation at the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) Conference “Where Research Becomes Reality” held November 7, 2009 at Purdue in West Lafayette. Philip’s presentation CFD Analysis of the #4 Ultraformer Reactor (4UFD-7) at Whiting was outstanding! Congratulations!



Student Research Day 2015

CIVS Student Research Day 2015 Winners

2nd Place

Undergraduate Oral

Nicole Bandy, Liyuan Gong – Evaluatoin of 3D Printing Design and Process

3rd Place

Undergraduate Oral

Xiang Liu, Yifan Wang, Xianrui Wang – Design of a Virtual Power Plant Boiler Training Program 

3rd Place

Graduate Poster

Qiuyi Wei, Majed Alhelal, Matt Cross – Selective Catalytic Reduction Flow Model Analysis

Student Research Day 2014

CIVS Student Research Day 2014 Winners

1st Place

Graduate Oral

Tenghao Wang – Development of a Virtual Blast Furnace Training System

2nd Place

Graduate Oral

Jichao “Mike” Wang – Flood Modeling 3D Lab for Civil Engineering Curriculum

3rd Place (Tie)

Graduate Oral

Tenghao Wang and Yunpeng Chang – NIPSCO Schahfer FGD Training System

3rd Place

Graduate Poster

Lucas Phillips – Development of a Reference Tool for Calculated Material Values for Use in PBR

Student Research Day 2013

CIVS Student Research Day 2013 Winners

1st Place

Undergraduate Oral

Danko Andric, Jinchun Li, Xiaoxiao Zhang – CFD and VR Study of NIPSCO Unity 8 Decomposition Chamber

3rd Place (Tie)

Graduate Poster

Xingjian Chen – Optimization of an urea decomposition chamber using CDF and VR

3rd Place (Tie)

Graduate Poster

Xiaoxi Lou – Numerical Optimization of a QBOP Vessel for Minimizing Kidney Formation



Student Research Day 2012

CIVS Students Win in Campus Research Days 2012


Some 177 Purdue University Calumet students presented 102 scholarly research projects in the university’s annual Student Research Days on March 29, 2012 and March 30, 2012.

Undergraduate student research is one of several engaged learning components of Purdue Calumet’s innovative, experiential learning initiative, required of all undergraduate students.

Student Research Days seeks to promote and encourage opportunities for students to learn through discovery with faculty mentors and presented what they learned through their research to the campus community.

Enrollees of Purdue Calumet’s Schools of Engineering, Mathematics and Science; Liberal Arts and Social Sciences; Management; Nursing; and Technology offered a written summary and an oral or poster presentation of their research.

A total of 20 CIVS projects (10 posters, 10 oral presentations) were presented by 30 students (13 undergraduate, 17 graduate) during the two-day SRD event. (Research projects were evaluated by faculty judges. First, second and third place categorical winners receive cash awards. Below are CIVS student winners:

Graduate Oral Presentation

  • · 1st Place-Tyamo Okosun

    Title: “Examination of Utility Scale Wind Turbine Wakes”

Tyamo Okosun


  • · 2nd Place-Nick Walla and Sanjit Basak

    Title: “Numerical Simulation of the PUC eddyGTTM Wind Turbine”

Nick Walla and Sanjit Basak


Graduate Poster Presentation

  • · 1st Place-Jiaxin Hu

    Title: “CFD Study of Unit 18 FGD Inlet Duct”

Jiaxin Hu


  • · 3rd Place-Simin Pang

    Title: “CFD Simulation of a Batch Anneal Furnace”

Simin Pang


Check out our photo gallery for the whole event.

Student Research Day 2011

CIVS Students Win in Student Research Days

1st Place

Undergraduate Oral

Joann Holmen, Nan Yan, Fan Zhang Correspondences: Translating Senses from Poetry to Virtual Reality

1st Place

Graduate Poster

Site Guo Virtual Reality System for Solute Transport in Groundwater

3rd Place

Undergraduate Poster

Xianyu Wu, Tianyu Meng Simulation and Virtual Reality Visualization of a Steel Casting Ladle

3rd Place

Undergraduate Oral

Xiaoxi Lou, Cong Zhao CFD Modeling of an Industrial Boiler


Some 194 Purdue University Calumet students will present their research projects during Student Research Days Thursday (3/31) and Friday (4/1) in the Student Union & Library.

This event, open to all Purdue Calumet students, focuses on student research opportunities conducted with faculty mentors on campus.

Presentation viewing is open to the public and will feature 126 student projects from all six academic schools of study at Purdue Calumet. Presentation of the projects consists of a written summary and an oral or poster display.

“Student Research Days aim to promote a culture of research activities beyond the classroom,” Purdue Calumet Professor and Director of Student Research Jin Lu said. “We are glad to see increasing participation over the past few years in student research, which constitutes an integral component of the experiential learning initiative at Purdue Calumet.”

Student Research Days projects are evaluated by faculty judges selected by the Purdue Calumet Research Board based on a written summary and the presentation. Three awards will be presented for each of the following categories: Graduate Oral, Graduate Poster, Undergraduate Oral and Undergraduate Poster. First, second and third place winners will be awarded $400, $250 and $100, respectively.

Titles of School of Nursing student research projects include: “A Tool for Preventing Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections” and “To Prevent, You Must Implement! Pressure Ulcer Prevention.”

Among School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences student projects are: “The Role of Alcohol in the Sexual Satisfaction of Young Adults: A Link between Attachment and Commitment?” and “The Intergenerational Transmission of Marital Expectations and Subsequent Relationship Satisfaction.”

Student projects from the School of Education include “Teacher’s Perspectives.” From the School of Management, students will research on such topics as “Efficiency of Lake County Government” and “The Rise of Plagiarism on College Campuses over the Past 10 Years.”

Projects from the School of Engineering, Mathematics and Science include “Data Mining in Water Quality” and “Drilling Rig Mast Structure Analysis.” School of Technology students will present such projects as “Supply Chain Management for a Steak Served in a Restaurant” and “Oxygen Diffusion through Concrete by Electrochemical Methods.”

Sigma Xi

Sigma Xi Student Research Awards

2013 – Guangwu Tang

2012 – ME Award – Nick Walla
Title: “Simulation of Wind Turbine”

2011 – CIVS Award – Steve Dubec
Title: “Protein Visualization for Education”



Student Research Grants

Undergraduate Research Award 2011

Undergraduate Research Grants 2011

Below are our undergraduate research grant awardees.


Shiye Hu, Tenghao Wang, Xinwei Zhuang
Title: “Development of Virtual Pollutants Control System in a Power Plant Using Numerical Simulation and Virtual Reality Visualization”
Mentor: Professor Chenn Zhou


Xingjian Chen, Jiabao Liu, Qingyuan Liu
Title: “Virtual Model for the Demonstration of Flow Characteristics of the Condensate and Feed Water System in a Power Plant”
Mentor: Professor Chenn Zhou


Tianwei Wang
Title: “Experimental Study and Numerical Simulation of Liquid Level in the Blast Furnace Hearth”
Mentor: Professor Chenn Zhou