Freight Reliability Simulation and Visualization 


Blast furnace simulation and visualization

The purpose of this study is to show how economic measures of benefits and costs can be improved if visualization tools and technologies are used in addition to standard economic models of estimating benefits and costs. By utilizing the visualization and simulator resources at Purdue University and through collaboration with the Center for Innovation through Visualization and Simulation (CIVS) at Purdue Calumet, this study will contribute to the general body of knowledge of how visually enhanced applications can enrich the existing transportation system database to effectively measure benefits and costs associated with improvement in freight transportation. Visualization applications in freight transportation can help to gain insights into effective solutions. The results’ from this Synthesis study will provide the transportation planners and policymakers in Northwest Indiana with specific tools for making informed decisions on how best to allocate resources to improve the reliability of the freight transportation network.


The Borman Expressway is a sixteen mile segment of interstates 80 and 94(I-80/94) and is part of the Gary-Chicago-Milwaukee corridor. It begins at the Indiana/Illinois border and stretches east’ to the Indiana Toll Road interchange. The average daily traffic (ADT) on the Borman is approximately 140,060 vehicles, with trucks comprising about 30% of the traffic on average and peaking at 70% at night. Traffic volumes are relatively constant from the morning through the early evening, with wear or at capacity volume during most of the daylight hours under perfect operational conditions. The I-65 Borman Corridor has as significant freight activity in the Midwest. This case study provides an opportunity to assess the economic impacts of operational disruptions of freight movements as measured by travel time delay. Lane closure is a proxy used for operational disruption.

Faculty Collaborator: Amlan Mitra, Professor of Economics 

 Traffic simulation and visualization flyer

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