3D Tour for Hospital Special Care Nursery

Franciscan St. Margaret Health is one of the largest acute-care hospitals in Northwest region, where a special care nursery area is to be constructed upon the base of an existing nursery area. During construction, a display will be viewable on site to provide the public with imagery showing what the finished facility will look like. ...

Picture of 3D lab model

Alverno Labs Visualization

PCL Alverno, a full-service, community-based medical laboratory located in Hammond, Indiana, is celebrating their latest in a long line of accolades: being acknowledged as an innovator in Northwest Indiana by the Society of Innovators (sponsored by Ivy Tech). As PCL Alverno prepares to host the Innovators Café event at their facilities, they turn to CIVS ...

Visualization of the new student wellness and recreation center showing the outside of the building from the front.

Fitness Center Flythrough

A Student Wellness and Recreation Center was proposed for construction on the Purdue University Calumet Campus. An architecture firm developed plans and models for the Center and produced construction prints. A compelling visualization that is more understandable to public was needed to market the proposed Center and build support from decision makers and potential donors.


Lab Design Optimization

Medical testing facility, PCL Alverno, is the future recipient of several innovative technologies to their microbiology laboratory. These new devices are large, but aid in simplifying several processes by adding automation to tasks that would previously involve multiple personnel performing multiple tasks. The existing layout of the facility was not conducive to these ...

planck satellite

The Planck Mission

Planck is an international satellite mission led by the European Space Agency with significant contribution by NASA, designed to measure the anisotropy of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB). The Planck Mission’s Education and Public Outreach (E/PO) stated goals are to: Strengthen science and technology education in the US, raise public awareness about the value of ...