There are many immersive and interactive applications used for innovative solutions to improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients. Advanced visualization as well as interactive devices can also be used for more intuitive medical learning and patient care.

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3D Tour for Hospital Special Care Nursery

Franciscan St. Margaret Health is one of the largest acute-care hospitals in Northwest region, where a special care nursery area is to be constructed upon the base of an existing nursery area. During construction, a display will be viewable on site to provide the public with imagery showing what the finished facility will look like. ...

Overhead view of the 3D hospital and simulation.

Active Threat Emergency Response Visualization

St. Margaret Health wished to create a series of 3d video segments to focus on important elements of an active threat situation. Video segments are intended to be mixed in with a presentation that will include an already existing live-action video sequence showing an active threat incident in the hospital. The 3d video segments are ...

Picture of 3D lab model

Alverno Labs Visualization

PCL Alverno, a full-service, community-based medical laboratory located in Hammond, Indiana, is celebrating their latest in a long line of accolades: being acknowledged as an innovator in Northwest Indiana by the Society of Innovators (sponsored by Ivy Tech). As PCL Alverno prepares to host the Innovators Café event at their facilities, they turn to CIVS ...

Visualization of a human spine.

Biomechanical Spine Modeling

The ability to visualize internal structures is in many cases essential to both understanding bodily function and for physicians to determine the best patient treatment options. Medical imaging techniques such as X-ray computed tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) are used to visualize internal body structures in two dimensions but cannot provide a ...

Surface rendered deskull brain with color coded segmented regions

Brain Visualization

Magnetic resonance diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) and functional MRI (fMRI) are two active research areas in neuroimaging. DTI is sensitive to the anisotropic diffusion of water exerted by its macromolecular environment and has been shown useful in characterizing structures of ordered tissues such as the brain white matter, myocardium, and cartilage. Functional MRI measures brain ...


Lab Design Optimization

Medical testing facility, PCL Alverno, is the future recipient of several innovative technologies to their microbiology laboratory. These new devices are large, but aid in simplifying several processes by adding automation to tasks that would previously involve multiple personnel performing multiple tasks. The existing layout of the facility was not conducive to these ...

Nursing Virtual Training

Nursing Interactive Training Simulator

A new protocol is being implemented at a Northwest Indiana Hospital to identify risk for sepsis. To help train their nurses on how to use the protocol, an interactive virtual training module has been developed collaboratively by students from Purdue Calumet Nursing, and the Center for Innovation through Visualization and Simulation.

Visualization of protein strands.

Protein Visualization

GIRK channels (G protein-coupled inwardly-rectifying potassium channel) are a type of protein found in neurons and have many roles in the nervous system, including memory and pain perception. Improper function of this protein has been linked to altered neural signaling and cell death. A better understanding of how these channels function is important to determine ...

Pyxis MedStation 3500

Pyxis MedStation

As automated medication dispensing stations become more prominent in hospitals, errors decrease and patient care increases. However, this requires user training and does not eliminate human error. Exploring new training options using virtual reality can lead to increased efficiency and a further reduction in medication errors.

Realistic rendering of the waiting room

St. Margaret ER

Franciscan St. Margaret Health is one of the largest hospitals in Northwest region, where a newly designed emergency room is being constructed to replace the existing ER. During construction, a display will be viewable on site to provide the public with imagery showing what the finished facility will look like. Using architectural drawings and photos ...


Stroke Rehabilitation

The objective is to develop virtual rehabilitation system with data glove  and create task-oriented rehabilitation exercises in the virtual environment, we need to 1) calibrate  5DT data glove with Intersense IS-900 motion tracker, 2) create 3D upper limb model with 3D modeling tools, 3) animate the upper limb using skeleton-driven mesh deformation with OSG-VRjuggler, 4) ...