U.S. Steel Blast Furnace

Virtual Training System


Three dimensional visualization of the building containing the blast furnace.

Virtual training provides the utility of expanding the understanding of a system through simulation and visualization of aspects that cannot be viewed physically.   Utilizing the Unity engine, this project involves the creation of a virtual training environment that is based on a real blast furnace from U. S. Steel as the base case.  The training simulation would involve swappable equipment cases and animations that simulate certain functionality states.


The objective is to develop blast furnace virtual training software and design the hardware system associated with virtual training.  The virtual blast furnace includes the furnace proper, cast house, filling system, tuyere platform and hot stoves.  Several animations illustrating different functions of the system will be integrated into the simulation, allowing the user to view the process with informative implements.  The furnace facility is designed to the accurate specifications of the actual blast furnace case.  This provides an alternate view of the system already in place from a perspective only available through virtual simulation.


Picture of Animation of the tap-hole process

Animation of the Tap-Hole Process

Picture of Simulation of the inside of the furnace body

Simulation of the Inside of the Furnace Body

Once the project is completed, the content available to the end user will run in real-time allowing simultaneous instruction and demonstration.  With multiple simplified control schemes, the system will be accessible and fairly easy to automate.  The software will also possess the capability to integrate with future CFD blast furnace simulations.

Faculty Collaborator: Dr. Chenn Q. Zhou

U.S. Steel Blast Furnace Project Flyer

Download the U.S. Steel Virtual Training Project Flyer