How can simulations and visualization help your company?

Simulation Benefits

  • Design: Designs can be numerically modeled before they are physically created to show flow pattern, chemical reactions, heat transfer, fatigue, and mechanical failures.
  • Optimization: Designs can be updated to increase productivity, lower environmental impact, reduce energy usage, and improve quality.
  • Trouble shooting: Issues can be identified and corrected before or after implementation to reduce failures and downtime.

Virtual Reality(VR) Benefits:

  • Visualization: VR systems allow complicated simulation data to be represented in an easily interpreted visual 3-D environment to get better and faster solutions.
  • Training: VR can be used for virtual training in environments that might normally be practically or physically inaccessible in an easy to understand system.

Testimonials from Industry Collaborators

Richard Sussman
General Manager, Global R&D
East Chicago – ArcelorMittal

Tim Wright
Principal Engineer

Michael Snyder
Project Manager
Lazar Anode Technologies LLC

Chenn Q. Zhou
Center for Innovation through Visualization and Simulation

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