CIVS Seminar on Virtual Prototyping – Friday, November 11

Ideas generation and product specification are key steps in the product development process, where new product features or product variations for different user segments are developed. Today users want products that can meet their functional requirements as well as their affective needs.

Guest Speaker: Simulation-Helping Shape Future Caterpillar Products

Synopsis: Virtual Product Development is a critical ingredient in delivering high value products to Caterpillar customers. This keynote talk will provide a snapshot of the current role simulation plays at Caterpillar, and provide a glimpse into the future.

Tools for (Social) Network Analysis Visualization

This seminar will discuss social network analysis as a research methodology that is used in a wide variety of fields from public health, from information technology, to librarianship, to management, and engineering. Based on theory from both mathematics and sociology; social network analysis is used to understand the relations people and organizations have with each other and how those relationships affect the participants, organizations, and society at large.

Numerical Simulation and Visualization for Industrial Projects

You are cordially invited to attend “Numerical Simulation and Visualization for Industrial Projects” on Wednesday, October 6 from 11:00am – 12:00pm in Powers 108. This talk is part of the CIVS seminar series, presenting the latest trends in visualization and simulation to the PUC community.

A Brief History of 3-D & Virtual Reality

Stereoscopic 3-D has received a lot of attention lately, strongly influenced by the entertainment industry. Additionally, Virtual Reality (VR) is increasingly being applied to more problems in various industries. This seminar will present an introduction to 3-D & VR, clarify various terminology such as 3D, 2.5D, 4D, RealD, and S3D, and present a timeline showing the history of 3-D and related technologies stretching from the 1800’s to present day 3D Televisions and VR devices.