Working with CIVS: A Company’s Perspective

ArcelorMittal has posted two articles which feature CIVS on their website, For companies who have not worked with CIVS before, the articles offer a rare glimpse into the experience of working with the center. One article covers the aspects of working with the center from a research project perspective and describes how using Computational Fluid Dynamic modeling has benefited the company.

EDITORIAL: NWI Needs to Cultivate Manufacturing Workers

Victor Smith standing in front of a powerpoint presentation speaking at the podium.

Northwest Indiana has long been proud of its industrial might, and deservedly so. That muscle must not be allowed to atrophy. We must pay attention to manufacturers’ future workforce needs.

9 Undergraduate Research Grants Awarded to CIVS

Nine undergraduate research teams mentored by CIVS have received research grants for their work in their Senior Design courses.

World’s Steelmakers Take Virtual Trip at Purdue Cal


HAMMOND | Steel industry representatives from all over the world descended on Purdue University Calumet Tuesday, where they took a virtual tour of the inside of blast furnaces and other industrial facilities.

Northwest Indiana Forum’s Manufacturing Summit Paints a Bright Picture for Present and Future State of Manufacturing

Urschel Laboratories held dozens of representatives from aspects of business and manufacturing as they gathered to celebrate Manufacturing Day, take a look at the accomplishments of Northwest Indiana’s triumphs in manufacturing and where it will go in the future.