Leveraging the Power of Visualization to Advance Steel Manufacturing


The Association of Iron and Steel Technology (AIST) has published a story about CIVS in the October issue of Iron & Steel Technology Magazine. It is entitled “Leveraging the Power of Visualization to Advance Steel Manufacturing”.  The AIST is a non-profit entity with over 16,000 members from more than 70 countries.  AIST is recognized as…
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CIVS Helps Munster High Schoolers Design Educational Tool

Anthony Zmuda, Bridget Canar, and Lydia Cheng present their simulation of a roller coaster.

CIVS hosted 4 students from Munster High School to help them complete a project using 3D visualization and interactive software to develop an educational 3D roller-coaster for high school physics education. Lydia Zheng, Anthony Zmuda, Bridget Caraher, and Austin Klawitter learned how to create 3D models and develop computer simulations, visiting CIVS twice per week during the summer. They developed a draft roller-coaster using…
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CIVS Visits Wrigley to Create 3D Facility Model


CIVS students and staff visited the Wrigley Engineering Technology Center in Chicago, IL to have discussions and collect data for an upcoming project to create 3D models and flythrough animations of a planned facility including gum making line, warehouse, and offices.

CIVS hosts NIST planning committee meeting

Group photo of the NIST planning committee members

The Center for Innovation through Visualization and Simulation hosted the NIST Planning Committee meeting Wednesday. 25 industry leaders and CIVS staff met to discuss the major tasks, goals, expected outcomes, and timelines for the creation of the Advanced Simulation and Visualization for Steel Optimization Consortium. The committee identified potential members, discussed ideas for organizational structures,…
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The Brains for Business – Campuses take the lead in encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship

Chenn Zhou, Ph. D., director of Purdue Calumet's CIVS standing in the Immersive Theater

Education and entrepreneurship. It’s a winning combination that’s only going to become more prominent in years to come. Institutions of higher education are teaching students the skills they need to start their own small businesses so they earn a livelihood or maybe even become millionaires (think Mark Zuckerberg). And more important, their innovations may make the world a better place. Universities are going way beyond the classroom experience. They’re paving the way for entrepreneurship with experiential learning, innovative programs, financial incentives and crucial support. Whether they help community members create low-tech businesses or engineer opportunities for faculty researchers to partner with students and launch high-tech, bioscience-related startups, it’s all important to the economic development of Northwest Indiana.