NIPSCO 9th Consortium Charter Member

Picture of NIPSCO Representatives

Picture of NIPSCO RepresentativesNIPSCO recently became the 9th charter member of the SMSVC consortium. NIPSCO is Northern Indiana’s gas and electricity provider. Company representatives and leadership are extremely excited about the membership and look forward to their continued involvement with SMSVC in support of the steel industry and the region.

English Professor Uses Serious Gaming for Teaching

Picture of Professor Mark Mabrito

Picture of Professor Mark MabritoDr. Mark Mabrito collaborated with CIVS to create a 3D role-playing game (“Appealia”) designed to teach players about rhetorical appeals. The concept for the game developed from a summer workshop on Serious Games and Virtual Worlds that Professor Mabrito offered for several composition instructors.

Project Aims to Optimize SSAB Slab Reheating Furnace

Picutre of a Reheat FurnaceAs part of the steel production process, steel slabs are often reheated in order to elevate their temperature. Before the hot rolling process, the steel slabs are heated to approximately 1,500K, and this reheating is one of the most energy consuming processes in steel product manufacturing. By developing a better understanding of the operation of a reheat furnace, steel companies could save big on fuel and productivity.

Lockout/Tagout App for Safety

Picture of student with HMD

Picture of student with HMDA senior design project developed an app for both the Epson Moverio and the Google Glass devices that allow users to access a library of step-by-step instructions of lock out/tag out procedures using the head mounted device (HMD) that ensures the lock out or tag out is completed properly and in the safest way possible.

Simulator Improves Wind Turbine Maintenance

Picture of a borascopeUsing augmented reality (AR), finite element analysis, and a gaming application, a Wind Turbine Borescope Simulator was developed by senior design students to provide a new and improved way for training wind turbine technicians. The wind turbine gearbox model was designed and built with detailed stress distribution inside the gearbox. The AR environment gives trainees a realistic inspection experience. The simulator will be deployed to industry, Riverland Community College and EDF Renewables in wind energy education/training courses for testing and improving the technology.