HALT: Heads-Up Assisted Lock-Out / Tag-Out


Lock-out / Tag-out is a standard safety procedure used in industry to ensure that dangerous machines are properly shut off and not started again during maintenance or troubleshooting procedures. This project has developed a system that uses smart glasses to provide employees with hands-free access to Lock-Out / Tag-Out procedures in the field.

Virtual Safety Training Priority is Top on Consortium Roadmap


Safety is a top priority for the steel industry and will be the focus of several projects on the Steel Manufacturing Simulation and Visualization Consortium (SMSVC) Technology Roadmap.  CIVS showcased Virtual Safety Training projects at this year’s AISTech conference, using portable virtual reality and augmented reality technologies to enable more engaging learning. The Roadmap outlines…
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Descartes’ Meditations

Light Stages

This project presents the structure of Renee Descartes’ thinking in the Meditations in the form of a video game that takes students through a maze. The goal is to stay on the path of Descartes’ argument without wandering off down the paths of either empiricism or scholasticism. The game has 20 “gates” or choice points where students must select the successive steps in Descartes’ thinking.

CIVS Facts & Impacts

CIVS’s multidisciplinary research projects are having substantial economic and intellectual impacts on
local and global communities as well as providing great research opportunities for Purdue Calumet
faculty and students. Following are highlights since 2009.