Retirement Investment Planning – Finance Educational Visualization and Interactive Tool

3D animation scene design of learning retirement planning concepts

People are living longer lives due to improvements in technology, medicine and quality of life. As time goes on, this trend is expected to continue. The government cannot afford the increasing cost of retirement and this need to be taken into account when planning for the future. There are two key issues faced by individual investors when making a long-term investment decision. First, how much money will be needed to satisfy an investment goal, e.g. retirement income. Second, how much should be saved today in order to accumulate that future amount. An investment planning and evaluation analysis was implemented to address these issues.

CIVS Facts & Impacts

CIVS’s multidisciplinary research projects are having substantial economic and intellectual impacts on
local and global communities as well as providing great research opportunities for Purdue Calumet
faculty and students. Following are highlights since 2009.

Serious Game Design Contest


image25The Department of English is having a serious game design contest in which the participants will propose a serious game design for pedagogical use. These games will be similar to the games created by CIVS in partnership with Dr. Cohen and Dr. Mabrito. The winning design will be created by CIVS in spring of 2016. Faculty at PUC, Northwest Indiana colleges and public schools are invited to submit proposals. The submission deadline is December 1st. More information:

Improving Safety through Virtual Reality


P4A2CIVS researcher, John Moreland, and U. S. Steel Canada collaborator, Joanne Zaraliakos, presented research on the development of interactive 3D safety training at the 2015 AIST Safety and Health Fundamentals Conference. The presentation was a continuance of work that was created through the Don B. Daily Memorial Fund using real-world incidents and hazards to create interactive 3D simulations that immerse trainees in realistic scenarios. The presentation included demonstrations with portable virtual reality including the Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard. The research is expected to improve safety for the steel industry worldwide by providing more engaging training for industry workers.

New Study: 3D Tech & Learning


P4A1Approximately 70 PUC biology students took part in an experiment aimed at studying the impacts of 3D displays in biology labs. The research is being conducted by Dr. Radmila Sarac in collaboration with CIVS. During the experiment, students were split into two groups which were exposed to two different ways of learning about proteins. One group used 3D monitors with polarized glasses to visualize the proteins, the other used standard 2D monitors. The research is expected to help understand the role of 3D displays in learning.