Improving Safety through Virtual Reality


P4A2CIVS researcher, John Moreland, and U. S. Steel Canada collaborator, Joanne Zaraliakos, presented research on the development of interactive 3D safety training at the 2015 AIST Safety and Health Fundamentals Conference. The presentation was a continuance of work that was created through the Don B. Daily Memorial Fund using real-world incidents and hazards to create interactive 3D simulations that immerse trainees in realistic scenarios. The presentation included demonstrations with portable virtual reality including the Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard. The research is expected to improve safety for the steel industry worldwide by providing more engaging training for industry workers.

New Study: 3D Tech & Learning


P4A1Approximately 70 PUC biology students took part in an experiment aimed at studying the impacts of 3D displays in biology labs. The research is being conducted by Dr. Radmila Sarac in collaboration with CIVS. During the experiment, students were split into two groups which were exposed to two different ways of learning about proteins. One group used 3D monitors with polarized glasses to visualize the proteins, the other used standard 2D monitors. The research is expected to help understand the role of 3D displays in learning.

Student Successes – Eric Giboyeaux



Eric Giboyeaux joined CIVS in 2013 and is an undergraduate student in Electrical Engineering that will graduate in fall of 2015. He began school at Purdue University Calumet in 2007 and received a B.A. in Communication with a Public Relations concentration in fall of 2014.

At CIVS, Eric played a vital role in the creation of the Steel Manufacturing Simulation and Visualization Consortium website. He maintains both the Consortium and the CIVS websites, keeping them up-to-date and compliant with accessibility standards. He has written two procedures for organizing the center’s marketing materials and bridges the communication gap between the technical world and the general public. Eric plans to complete a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and pursue a career in engineering sales.

Steel Rocks! Video Showcased at Materials Science & Technology Conference


P3A4CIVS developed a video for the 2015 Materials Science and Technology (MS&T) event for introducing high school students to the steel industry. The video shows the steelmaking process in 3D and important applications to people’s lives. Over 500 students attended the event and visited the numerous stations in groups of 20.

CIVS Director was an Invited Panelist at Summit


P3A3CIVS’ Director, Dr. Chenn Zhou, was a panelist for the Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Panel during the 2015 Northwest Indiana Manufacturing Summit. In her final remarks, she concluded, “People say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a 3D interactive simulator is worth a thousand pictures.” More information: NWI Life Article  NWI Times Article