CIVS Copyrights and Licensing Updates

P4A2Several CIVS projects have generated copyrighted software packages in recent years through the Purdue Research Foundation. The Distributive Justice Game: A Classroom Exercise to Teach Principles of Justice –Dr. Howard Cohen worked with CIVS to develop this interactive software targeted for use in college philosophy courses. 3-D Computational Modeling of a Blast Furnace Hearth – CIVS developed this software model aimed at performing analysis of the hearth section of blast furnace where liquid iron and slag accumulate during the ironmaking process. Software for Minimization of Blast Furnace Fuel Rate by Optimizing Burden and Gas Distribution. – This software has been licensed for use in the steel industry to help increase energy efficiency and lower CO2 emissions.

Bin Wu Presents Keynote at Surface Inspection Conference

P4A1CIVS Research Engineer Bin Wu was invited to give a key-note speech at the International Surface Inspection Summit (SIS). His presentation titled “Today’s surface inspection” covered techniques developed by CIVS to use computer simulation to identify difficult-to-reach areas on industrial equipment that have high stress and fatigue, greatly reducing the amount of time needed for surface inspections by allowing personnel to focus their efforts on the most critical areas.

Student Successes – William Walker


P3A4William Walker joined the CIVS research group in his senior year and continued for his Master’s degree in mechanical engineering. Bill worked at CIVS as one of the main graduate researchers specializing in CFD multiphase and combustion simulation. He successfully completed many projects with BP, ArcelorMittal, US Steel and NIPSCO. He also presented his research findings at international conferences and received positive feedbacks. During his employment at CIVS, Bill not only demonstrated excellent research capabilities, he also developed very good communication skills interacting with industry collaborators which granted him significant advantage while he was searching for jobs. Bill accepted a design engineer position at Task Force Tips (TFT) based in Valparaiso, IN when he graduated has continued his work there for the past 6 years developing new firing fighting equipment, which provide unparalleled performance for our fire fighters across the nation and the world.

Improvement of Combustion Efficiency for Ironmaking

P3A3CIVS has recently completed a project with AK Steel Dearborn Works researching the impact of utilizing natural gas (NG) as the carrier gas for pulverized coal injection (PCI) in an effort to improve combustion efficiency and overall operating performance. Based on results from a series of parametric studies, using industrial operating data ranges, the use of NG as the carrier gas for PCI could improve combustion efficiency by 10% without altering existing designs, with a further 9% increase possible if a design shift is considered. Additionally, CFD simulations illuminated high temperatures near the tuyere nose that are likely the cause of wear and ablation in the current configuration of the furnace.

Virtual Training for Flood Prevention

P3A2CIVS has been working with Civil Engineering professors at Purdue University Calumet, University of Kentucky, Florida Atlantic University, and University of District of Columbia, to develop virtual learning / training modules for flood prevention. Funded by National Science Foundation, the modules will be used for Civil Engineering students to experience innovative laboratory sessions for their hydrology course in the CIVS Immersive Theater, and using more traditional 3D techniques at other sites. The modules recreated flood conditions that have occurred from Northwest Indiana’s Little Calumet River, and Hart Ditch.