Boy Scouts Learn About CIVS Technologies

Boy Scouts

Boy ScoutsBoy Scout Troop 276 from Lansing, Illinois visit CIVS on January 13 as part of a technology related badge. The troop learned about Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Simulation, and 3D Printing at the Center’s Immersive theater. The scouts were later quizzed about what they learned and were rewarded with 3D printed CIVS mementos.

Student Successes – Jiaxin Hu

Jiaxin Hu

Jiaxin HuJiaxin Hu began working with CIVS through his Senior Design Project “Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) of condenser loop at NiSource Bailey Station” which helped NiSource predict the potential issues which caused an unfilled condenser. He then continued as a graduate research assistant at CIVS and worked on applied research projects including “CFD Study of Unit 18 FGD Inlet Duct” which was awarded 1st place in the 2012 Purdue Calumet Student Research Day.

CIVS Research Paper Featured in AIST Publication

Iron and Steel Tech

Iron and Steel Tech

The Center for Innovation through Visualization and Simulation (CIVS) was one of six papers to be featured in the December 2014 edition of Iron & Steel Technology. The paper used computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to study the relationship between iron ore reducibility, coke reactivity, and blast furnace operations.  The paper’s findings will help the iron and steel industry better understand the processes involved in the blast furnace and the effects that the different components have on those processes.

AIST Reliability Achievement Award


U. S. Steel’s George Cingle III accepted the Bronze Reliability Achievement Award for “Life Prediction in Industrial Equipment”, a project done with CIVS that was presented at last year’s AISTech conference. The award is presented by the Association for Iron & Steel Technology to recognize iron and steel companies for unique or first in the industry reliability improvements. The project developed a methodology for simulating fatigue to predict how soon structural failure may occur in industrial equipment.

ArcelorMittal Plant Managers Think of New Applications for CIVS Technology

ArcelorMittal Manager

ArcelorMittal ManagerAn auditorium full of ArcelorMittal  plant managers brainstormed broader applications of CIVS technologies during a workshop held at ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor on January 15. The event generated 110 project ideas and was arranged by Plant General Manager John Mengel and Manager of Continuous Improvement Larry Fabina.  A variety of high-impact simulation project results were shown through through a joint presentation by CIVS and Al Kirk and Jeff Cox of ArcelorMittal.