civs team

Staff’s Contact Info

Picture of CIVS Director, Chenn ZhouChenn Q. Zhou
Powers Building, 123
(219) 989-2665




John Moreland
Senior Research Scientist
Powers Building, 108A
(219) 989-2412


Bin Bin Wu
Research Engineer
Powers Building, 108B
(219) 989-3157


Doreen Doreen Gonzalez-Gaboyan
Community Development and Outreach
Powers Building, 108D
(219) 989-2089


Linda Linda Robinson
Administrative Assistant
Powers Building, 123
(219) 989-2765
Fax: (219) 989-2742


Armin Armin Silaen
Postdoctoral Researcher
Powers Building, 108E
(219) 989-3157


Purdue Calumet Advisory Committee

Bin Chen, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Roy Evans, Construction Science & Organizational Leadership
Janet Buckenmeyer, School of Education
Ge Jin, Computer Information Technology and Graphics
Roger Kraft, Computer Science
Robert Rescot, Civil Engineering
Shawn Slavin, Chemistry & Physics
Yueqi Zhang, Communications

Purdue Calumet Faculty Collaborators

Harvey Abramowitz - Phase Diagram Visualization
Muhammad Anan [Opens in New Window] – Spine Biomechanics Visualization
Constantin Apostoaia [Opens in New Window] - Wind Turbine Simulation and Visualization
Regina Biddings-Muro [Opens in New Window] - Vice Chancellor for Advancement
Carolyn Boiarsky [Opens in New Window] - Museum of Science & Industry Visualization
Janet Buckenmeyer [Opens in New Window] - Virtual Learning Assessment
Bin Chen [Opens in New Window] - Brain Visualization
Rachel Clapp Smith [Opens in New Window] – Leadership Simulation
Howard Cohen [Opens in New Window] – English and Philosophy
Phuong Do [Opens in New Window] - Multimodal Student Learning
Emily Hixon [Opens in New Window] - Virtual Learning Assessment
Lisa Hopp [Opens in New Window] – Nursing Med Station Simulator
Ge Jin [Opens in New Window] - 3D Visualization/Stroke Rehabilitation
Yulian Kin [Opens in New Window] - Finite Element Analysis
Dennis Korchek [Opens in New Window] - Virtual Construction
Dave Kozel [Opens in New Window] - Wind Turbine Simulation and Visualization
Jin Lu [Opens in New Window] - Translating Senses from Poetry to Virtual Reality
Lash Mapa [Opens in New Window] - Mechanical Engineering Technology
Masoud Mojtahed [Opens in New Window] - FEA Simulation and Visualization
Lynn Miskovich [Opens in New Window] - Irish Jig/Dance Visualization
Susan Misner [Opens in New Window] - Irish Jig/Dance Visualization
Amlan Mitra [Opens in New Window] - Traffic/Supply Simulation Visualization
Shoji Nakayama [Opens in New Window] – Organizational Leadership and Supervision
Pat Obi [Opens in New Window] – Visualization of Debt Crisis
Timothy Ojo – Executive Assistant to the Chancellor
Erin Okamoto-Protsman [Opens in New Window] - Museum of Science & Industry Visualization
Bipin Pai [Opens in New Window] - Thermal Stress Analysis
Robert Rescot [Opens in New Window] - Computer Vision-Based Traffic Signal System
Meg Rincker [Opens in New Window] - Global Decentralization and Women’s Empowerment
Gloria Roldan – Campus Life and Dean of Students
Radmila Sarac [Opens in New Window] - Protein Visualization
Besma Smida [Opens in New Window] - Radio Frequency 3D Visualization in Airplanes
Shawn Slavin [Opens in New Window] - High Performance Computing
Beth Vottero [Opens in New Window] – Nursing Med Station Simulator
Xiuling Wang [Opens in New Window] - Wind Flow Simulations
Celina Weatherwax – Government Relations, AASAC
Charles Winer [Opens in New Window] - Computer Info Tech Graphics
Ruijian Zhang [Opens in New Window] - CPU Branch Prediction Visualization
Hairong Zhao [Opens in New Window] - Vehicle Routing Visualization
Chenn Zhou [Opens in New Window]- CFD Simulation and Visualization

Strategic Advisory Board

Donald Babcock, NiSource, Inc.
Anthony R. Bridge, U. S. Steel Corporation
Steve Brown, BSA LifeStructures
Rainer Dronzek, McDonald’s Corporation
Jerry R Duncan, John Deere
Sean Egan, Hammond Academy of Science and Technology
Michael Falk, Falk-PLI Engineering and Surveying
Dave Ryan, Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce
Richard Sussman, ArcelorMittal
Phillip Swearingen, Lean Operations Consulting Group
John Reinertsen, McDonald’s Corporation
Dwight Agnello-Dean, BP